Investment types in PFA

The best investment is an investment that gives you peace of mind. Investment is always subject to risk because the market fluctuates, and therefore, it is about determining your own risk tolerance relative to the return that you may receive. At PFA, our team of specialists can carry out the investments on your behalf, but you also have the option to invest your pension savings yourself.

Let PFA invest for you

When PFA invests on your behalf, you do not need to learn about shares, bonds, the real estate market, interest, alternative investments and so on. Our specialists manage your money in the best possible way, based on the risk you are willing to take in relation to your return expectations. You can choose between four different risk profiles, all of which are invested in the market rate environment – these are what we call profile A, B, C and D in PFA Plus. Most of our customers choose to let PFA invest their savings.
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If you want to handle the investment

With You Invest, you can select the fund in which you invest your money. Therefore, we recommend that you have extensive knowledge of investments and have the time and desire to learn all about the opportunities and risks that the different markets have to offer. You can also choose PFA Optional, where you choose your investment risk in PFA’s funds with low and high risk. With PFA Optional, your pension savings are also your own responsibility.
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Average interest

In the average interest environment, your pension savings accrue average interest with a stable deposit interest rate, and you are guaranteed a minimum payout when you retire. The risk is small, and correspondingly, your opportunity to achieve a high return is limited. It is PFA that sets the deposit interest rate, and you have no influence on the choice of investment. In other words, you do not have the option of adjusting the investment to match your age and risk profile.
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