Investment types in PFA

The best investment is an investment that gives you peace of mind. Investment is always subject to risk because the market fluctuates, and therefore, it is about determining your own risk tolerance relative to the return that you may obtain.
At PFA, our team of specialists can carry out the investments on your behalf, but you also have the option to invest your pension savings yourself.

Investing in market rate

Our goal is to grow your pension savings so that you can have the best possible life as a pensioner. We do this by investing your money to generate the best return for you.

Pension savings are closely correlated with the financial markets, and the financial markets have changed significantly in the past few years - therefore, our recommendations have also changed to match the current situation.

We expect the return on market rate products to be higher in the long run than the return on the average interest rate environment that pension savings have traditionally been invested in. On the other hand, you bear your own investment risk in market rate, both during the savings phase and after you have started receiving payouts.

Therefore, today we recommend market rate savings plans to all new customers, and most of our existing customers who have savings in the average interest rate environment are also recommended to switch to market rate products. 

We have three different ways in which you can invest in market rate products.

Let PFA invest for you

When PFA invests on your behalf, you do not need to learn about shares, bonds, the real estate market, interest, alternative investments and so on. Our specialists manage your money in the best possible way, based on the risk you are willing to take in relation to your return expectations. You can choose between four different risk profiles, all of which are invested in the market rate environment – these are what we call profile A, B, C and D in PFA Plus. Most of our customers choose to let PFA invest their savings.
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If you want to invest with PFA

PFA Optional is an investment option for those of you who want PFA to invest on your behalf but want to determine the overall risk of the investments yourself and who do not want an automatic gradual reduction of risk. You do not need to learn about shares, bonds, the real estate market, interest rates or alternative investments. Our specialists manage your money in the best possible way, based on the risk you are willing to take in relation to your desired return. You only need to select what proportion of your savings should be invested in our low-risk or high-risk funds. Our Investment Guide can help you make the choices that are right for you. You can choose what proportion should be invested with a particular focus on climate-friendly investments.



If you want to handle the investment

You Invest is an investment platform for those of you who want to personally take responsibility for how your pension is invested. You can choose from a broad selection of different funds which, for example, invest in shares, bonds, real estate and commodities. We recommend that you have extensive knowledge of investments and have the time and desire to learn all about the opportunities and risks that the different markets have to offer.
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Investing in the average interest rate environment

In the average interest environment, your pension savings accrue a stable deposit interest, and you are guaranteed a minimum payout when you retire. The risk is small, and correspondingly, your opportunity to achieve a high return is limited. It is PFA that sets the deposit interest rate, and you have no influence on the choice of investment. In other words, you do not have the option of adjusting the investment to match your age and risk profile.
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