PFA Senior Housing

PFA’s senior housing offers homes that fulfil the needs and demands that typically accompany the third age. There are ordinary private homes but also senior co-housing communities, where you combine living in your private home with the possibility of enjoying attractive and inspiring communal spaces right outside your door.

A senior-friendly home

With age, your requirements to your home will typically change, and therefore, five or 10 years from now, your needs may have changed quite a lot compared to your needs today. Have you thought about how you might want to live by then?

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As you grow older, the requirements to your home will typically also change. Many seniors are healthy and live an active life, and therefore, they are not in need of a new home right now. However, choosing a new home is a decision that stretches over many years and this stresses the importance of contemplating future needs. For instance, you may appreciate a spacious lift, no or moderate doorsteps as well as ample inflow of light and home safety.

PFA’s senior-friendly homes are built or renovated according to these principles - and many more – which will ensure that your home currently matches your age and meets any special needs you may have.

Plan well in advance

It can be difficult to think ahead, but when it concerns your home, it will be wise to make it a routine to think ahead. Then you will be better at planning according to your wishes.

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When should you begin to consider a senior-friendly home? This is of course very individual and will depend on your health, your desires, your situation etc. It could be when the children have left home and you suddenly have too much space. Or, it could be because you are now on your own and need to settle in a more comfortable environment.

The most important is, however, that you look into your possibilities and imagine what will suit you now and 10-15 years ahead. This is important, as moving to a new home shows a tendency to become increasingly more difficult with age.


The social or private senior home

We are all different, and so, we also live differently. This type of housing offers various options, as it will allow you to keep to yourself, but also to engage in social communities right outside the door. Which type are you?

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PFA Housing provides access to different types of senior housing. Our PFA senior housing properties are built according to PFA Seniorboligstandard (PFA’s own concept of demands for senior-friendly housing), which means that you will have your own home which is furnished with our special senior-friendly solutions.

You can also sign up for PFA Senior Co-Housing, where you combine living in your private home but, at the same time, with access to social communities and communal spaces right outside your door.

PFA Senior Housing

PFA Senior Housing is senior-friendly homes which are built according to PFA Seniorboligstandard (PFA’s own concept of demands for senior-friendly housing). The first senior housing facilities will be built in Odense, Hillerød, Viborg and Køge. Several of the senior housing facilities will form part of a major building project which includes both ordinary housing and senior-friendly housing. 


PFA Senior Co-Housing Communities

PFA has a co-housing community in Odense that is ready for occupancy. In addition, we are also building new senior co-housing communities in Sønderborg, Slagelse and Horsens that will be ready for occupancy by 2023. As a PFA customer, you get priority access to the senior co-housing communities. You can sign up for these housing units six months before the occupancy date, and we therefore encourage everyone who is interested in our senior co-housing communities to keep an eye on this page.  

Read more about the individual senior co-housing communities here (In Danish only)

Read the terms and conditions for senior co-housing communities in “Questions and answers about PFA senior co-housing units and communities” (In Danish only)

Serviced Senior Housing

Over the coming years, PFA will introduce a completely new type of senior housing on the Danish market. This will be done through a partnership with the UK-based Audley Group, which PFA invests in. The parties expect to develop, build and operate 10 properties in Greater Copenhagen and Aarhus respectively with up to 2,600 serviced senior housing units.

The serviced senior housing properties, which will be the first of their kind in Denmark, combine access to shared facilities such as restaurant, bar, fitness and pool with the possibility of purchasing practical help and personal care.

Read more about serviced senior housing here (In Danish only)


PFA Seniorboligstandard

PFA Seniorboligstandard is a concept developed by PFA which sets a standard for the construction of senior-friendly housing. Both our senior housing and senior co-housing communities are built in compliance with PFA’s senior housing standard PFA Seniorboligstandard. The standard makes demands on facilities such as lifts in multi-floor buildings, ample lightning in the entrance areas, video entry phone system and homes with no or moderate doorsteps inside. The standard has been developed by PFA in consultation with the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi).

The objective is to ensure that the construction of specially selected projects is based on the standards required by PFA Seniorboligstandard. PFA is building senior-friendly homes according to PFA Seniorboligstandard in Hillerød, Horsens, Køge and Odense.