PFA Climate Plus

Your pension can become CO2-neutral by 2025

With PFA Climate Plus you can put your pension savings on extra hard work for the climate. When choosing PFA’s new green savings solution, your pension will be invested extra climate-friendly with special focus on reducing CO2 emission.

The reason for launching PFA Climate Plus

At PFA, we want to make it easy for you to make your pension savings even greener. We believe that sustainable community development and good long-term returns will be closely linked in the future.

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Clear and concrete climate goals

PFA Climate Plus is based on clear climate goals, so you can easily see how your savings are contributing to a greener world. The objective is CO2-neutral investments by 2025, and CO2-negative investments by 2030.

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Get a recommendation for PFA Climate Plus

The pension savings is one of the areas where you can make a big difference for the climate. Go through PFA’s Investment Guide and get a recommendation which considers your risk appetite, climate preferences and return expectations.

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Video with Scandlines

Sustainable hybrid ferries reduce CO2 emissions

PFA's investment in Scandlines shows how PFA puts your retirement savings to extra hard work for the climate in a sustainable and responsible way. PFA is a co-investor of $ 1.35 billion DKK in Scandlines' transition where their hybrid ferries help minimizes fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 15,000 tons per year. Scandlines will be part of PFA's climate-strong product PFA Klima Plus and the investment is a good example of how good returns and a climate agenda can easily go hand in hand.

Video about Pakhusene in Aarhus

Climate-friendly investment in Aarhus

The sustainable property Pakhusene in Aarhus represents one of PFA’s responsible investments. The property has been awarded a DGNB Gold certificate for its sustainability. Pakhusene will form part of PFA's extra climate-focused product PFA Climate Plus, which aims to be CO2-neutral by 2025.

Press release

PFA presents an extra climate-focused savings solution

PFA has now launched PFA Climate Plus enabling PFA’s pension customers to place all or part of their savings in selected climate-friendly investments. As Denmark’s largest pension company with more than 1.3 million individual customers, customer funds of approximately DKK 550 billion and approximately 6,000 corporate and organisational customers, PFA plays an important role in society. And, with the new green savings solution, we take a step further in our efforts to promote a sustainable community development.

Video with PFA’s Group Chief Investment Officer

Pension savings with a green conscience

Now, PFA gives its climate efforts yet another boost and launches PFA Climate Plus. It is an ambitious offer to customers who want to place all or part of their savings in particularly climate-friendly investments. PFA Climate Plus is based on clear and concrete climate goals. Among other things, shares in PFA Climate Plus will, from the outset, emit 60 % less CO2 than anticipated in the MSCI All Contries World Index. At the same time, we expect the return potential to match the present market rate universe. Learn more in the video with Kasper A. Lorenzen, Group Chief Investment Officer, PFA.