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Here you can see the return on the funds from which you can select in You Invest. Access more in-depth information by clicking on the individual fund.

You invest – terms and conditions

In You Invest, you can select the PFA funds as shown in the table below. These may consist of individual securities, cash and/or underlying funds. An underlying fund may be managed by an external asset manager.

The value of PFA funds and underlying funds may differ
In cases, where PFA funds include underlying funds, these may be included when calculating the value of the PFA funds in My PFA with values other than the official net asset value of the underlying funds, which can be seen on other websites, including the external manager’s. This is due to the size of the cash portfolio and the time of valuation, amongst other things.

The value of PFA funds in My PFA and on the You Invest website may differ
In My PFA, you select PFA funds at prices set by PFA. Prices are based on trading price calculated by PFA on an ongoing basis. Trading price can only be seen in My PFA when the selection process is completed. Trading price may vary throughout the day and cannot be directly compared with the values of the PFA funds shown on the You Invest website. This is because the values on the website are not calculated using the same method as the trading price. Differences will be greater short-term and will not have a significant impact over a longer time horizon.

A selected PFA fund may be subject to an emission fee on purchase and a redemption deduction on sale. If so, this will be shown in the estimate for the selected investment (the "receipt") that you approve in My PFA when making your selection. Emission fees and redemption deductions can be seen under "costs" in My PFA.

External data provider
Historical returns and other PFA fund data on the website are provided by an external data and analysis provider. The data is based on the official net asset values of relevant underlying funds, or on net asset values calculated by PFA. Therefore, the values and returns for PFA funds on the website cannot be directly compared to the values and returns that you see based on the PFA funds in My PFA.

Applicable terms
All terms can be found in the Terms and conditions of pension for PFA Plus. In the event a discrepancy is found in the information on the website and the pension terms, the latter applies.