Relationships and dialogue

Relationships and dialogue is about creating long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships which are built on trust and openness.

Stakeholder dialogue

PFA represents an essential part of the Danish pension system and is one of the largest investors in Denmark. PFA is committed to being an active participant in Danish society, and we are in dialogue with customers, organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders to create the best possible conditions for pension savings in Denmark in general. At the same time, PFA is involved as an active participant in finding solutions to shared challenges in society.

An open dialogue is an important part of our efforts, and we contribute through the development of market surveys, analyses, comments and contributions to debates in order to illuminate conditions for savings, insurance, preventive measures and health. PFA’s dialogue with stakeholders focuses on a long-term and mutual collaboration based on trust and openness.

PFA has taken a number of specific steps to create dialogue:

  • Considerable communication efforts have been initiated to promote the understanding and importance of pensions and health plans and to focus on the value of preventive measures
  • We use experiences and lessons from dialogue with customers and complaints to the Customer Representative and Complaints Department respectively 
  • We create specific events and debates regarding current topics for members of the Customer Board and we use the experiences to improve PFA’s services
  • Several times a year, customer satisfaction is measured in order to improve the customer experience
  • We aim to create value for customers in the more than 1,000 daily enquiries from customers
  • Annual survey of employee engagement with subsequent obligatory improvement process
  • Development plan for all managers and the majority of employees
  • Employee meetings and feedback to management regarding PFA’s strategy and results
  • Employee representatives on relevant internal committees and on the Board of Directors
Employee and employer organisations
  • A member of Forsikring & Pension (the Danish Insurance Association). We participate actively in the work of the Board of Directors and relevant working groups
  • A member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce and participates in relevant working groups etc.
Collaborations and partnerships
  • A member of Dansif. We are active in working groups, and work to disseminate the principles of responsible investments
  • Climate partner with Dong Energy
  • A member of the international network CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • A member of the international network IIGCC (Institutional Investor Group on Climate Change)
  • A member of PRI (Principles of Responsible Investment)
  • A member of UN Global Compact
Media and professional journals
  • We prioritise calls from the media and we are by far the most talked about player in the pension sector
  • We submit contributions to debates in order to participate positively to the understanding of pension and related topics
  • We aim to reply to inquiries and questionnaires from organisations and academia
  • We regularly carry out population surveys on pension and health-related topics
  • We meet with NGOs to gather knowledge and create an accumulated and detailed summary of society’s dilemmas
  • We engage in enquiries and dialogue to expand knowledge on specific areas of value to PFA

PFA shares knowledge and cooperates with authorities and the political system regarding, among other things:   

  • Experiences with active handling of claims, preventive measures etc.
  • Political frameworks for pension savings, ethical investments and other topics within PFA’s areas of interest
  • Development of Public Private Partnership (PPP), Eksportkreditfonden, Dansk Vækstkapital as well as other investments that are of public utility


Customer trust and complaint management

PFA’s customers must have adequate opportunities to complain if they are dissatisfied with PFA’s decisions or with the advice or service offered by PFA. With daily contact with more than 1,000 customers, there are situations where customers are dissatisfied. Such cases represent a source of learning.

PFA has a central Complaints Department and a Customer Representative. The Complaints & Customer Satisfaction Department is anchored in PFA's legal entity. The purpose of the Customer Representative is to experience the course of events from the customer's perspective and evaluate whether the development of the case is meaningful.


Social engagement

PFA is actively engaged in society and contributes to improvements of social conditions both in Denmark and globally. Therefore, PFA participates in a range of activities, cooperates with numerous organisations and has set up the foundation PFA Brug Livet Fonden.

PFA believes that support is most effective when done in collaboration with partners who focus on individual key issues.

PFA primarily offers support through partnerships with associations that are connected to PFA’s core business. For instance within the fields of preventive measures, health-promoting initiatives and disease-fighting efforts.

In connection with other support activities, there must be a connection between PFA’s business and the recipient of the support. Finally, we support initiatives whose objective is to inform about topics which are closely connected to life and pension.

Support can be provided in the form of:

  • Financial contributions
  • Employees carrying out voluntary work during working hours
PFA places demands on how the support is used

When PFA provides support for an organisation’s work, it is important that the resources are handled with care. For this reason, we require of all support recipients that they explain in writing the association’s objectives and management and how the support will be used. In addition, we also attach importance to the fact that our support is used for projects which are not dependent on PFA’s contribution alone and generally work towards sustainable developments.

Questions about Corporate Responsibility?

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