A good
senior life

The best place to retire

PFA wants to contribute to ensuring that as many as possible among our approximately 1.3 million customers – hence a large proportion of Danes – have a good senior life. Too many seniors experience financial insecurity, and for many, the transition from work to retirement is really difficult. At the same time, Danish society is challenged by labour shortage and increasing pressure on our welfare – a pressure that will increase as the number of elderly people increases. PFA wants to contribute to increased financial security, good health and attractive housing forms and we want to support and advise seniors on planning their late careers and – for those who wish to do so – extending their working life. At the same time, we are a supplement to the public sector, offering private sector nursing homes and the possibility of health and care. The goal is to be the best place for our customers to retire, while helping to meet labour shortages through a smoother transition from working life to retirement and the growing demand for welfare solutions.




More than 75,000 seniors will receive pension and insurance advice every year.


More than 200 companies and organisations will receive late-life career advice every year.


At least DKK 2.5 billion invested in senior housing and private sector nursing homes by 2030.

Selected initiatives

Many seniors want to contribute to society, keep their network and be part of the community at work after they reach retirement age. But that requires flexible solutions, planning and, not least, efforts from all parties. Therefore, PFA has developed ‘A Danish quality standard for late-life careers’, and we offer advice on late-life careers to companies, organisations and the individual employee. It is an initiative that holds great potential.

An analysis from 2023 shows that if just a quarter of seniors stay another two years in the labour market and work 25 hours a week, it will mean an expansion of the workforce by 11,000 full-time employees. To this should be added the perhaps even more important psychological and social benefits in the form of more joy in life, a meaningful late-life career and a smoother transition to retirement for those who wish to continue in the labour market. At the same time, a longer working life provides a stronger financial foundation when the senior employee retires definitively. 

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A good financial situation during senior and retirement life requires planning and optimisation, and therefore all PFA’s customers have the opportunity to get advice on senior life. Their partner can also participate, so that they can both get advice on the entire household’s finances. It is easy to get an overview at My PFA, and as a new feature, we have set up a senior counselling line with advisors with special senior skills. The ambition is for our advice to contribute to making the transition from working life to retirement and the prospect of a new everyday life easier for the many thousands of Danes who have to go through this phase every year.

There is an increasing shortage of nursing home places in Denmark. We develop new housing options for seniors that promote community, and PFA has invested in senior assisted living housing across the country, including two senior co-housing communities in Odense and Sønderborg. In this connection, PFA has established a collaboration with OK-Fonden on the construction of ten private sector nursing homes, two of which have already been established in Gilleleje and Himmelev. In addition, our customers will soon have the opportunity to sign up for Seniorbolig Plus in Slagelse, which is senior housing with the opportunity to buy extra help in everyday life. All with a view to creating a safe environment for senior life and adding more nursing home places. 

PFA’s senior housing is built according to a specially developed senior housing standard with 46 recommendations on everything from level access to bathroom sizes, good lighting at entrances and much more, allowing people to safely stay in their own homes for as long as possible despite an increasing need for care.

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Watch the video on new forms of housing for the 3rd age (in Danish) 


Collaboration and partnerships

PFA prioritises participating in councils and networks to exchange knowledge about corporate responsibility and focus on seniors and welfare. Besides informal dialogues with different actors and stakeholders, we got involved in the following:

  • OK Foundation
  • Ældre Sagen – DaneAge Association
  • Member of Velfærdsrådet (‘The Welfare Council’)
  • Member of the National Partnership against Loneliness (Red Cross and Ældre Sagen – DanAge Association)
  • Member of the Partnership for the good transition to post-labour market life (Danish Health and Medicines Authority)
  • Member of the Advisory Board for Senior Working Life (Aalborg University, Nationale Forskingscenter for Arbejdsmiljø (‘The National Research Centre for Working Environment’), Team Arbejdsliv (‘Team Working Life’) and Trygfonden)

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