Relations and Dialogues

Relations and dialogue are all about creating long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships based on trust and candour.

Dialogues with stakeholders

PFA represents a significant portion of the Danish pension system and is one of the largest investors in Denmark. That comes with an obligation to be an active participant in Danish society. PFA is in dialogue with customers, organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders in order to create the best possible conditions for pension savings in Denmark. At the same time, PFA is a positive force when it comes to finding solutions to common societal challenges. 

An open dialogue is an important part of our efforts, and we contribute with developing market surveys, analyses, commentary and opinion pieces in order to highlight issues concerning savings, insurance, prevention and health. PFA’s stakeholder dialogue is focused on a long-term and mutual collaboration based on trust and transparency.

PFA has launched a number of specific initiatives to promote dialogue:

  • Has launched a massive communication campaign to promote understanding about the importance of pensions and health schemes and to focus on the value of prevention
  • Uses experience and knowledge gained from dialogues with customers and from complaints submitted to either the Customer Representative or the Complaints Department
  • Hosts targeted events and debates about current topics for the members of The Customer Board and uses the experience gained to improve PFA’s services
  • Conducts customer satisfaction surveys multiple times every year to improve the customer experience
  • Strives to create value for customers in the more than 1,000 daily inquiries that customers initiate
  • Annual surveys of employee commitment combined with a subsequent mandatory process of implementing improvements
  • Uses career development plans for all managers and most employees
  • Employee meetings and feedback to the management about PFA’s strategy and results
  • There are employee representatives in relevant internal committees and on the board of directors
Employers and employer organisations
  • Member of Insurance & Pension Denmark, actively participates in the board work and relevant working groups
  • Member of Finance Denmark, participates in relevant working groups, etc.
Collaborations and partnerships
  • Member of the UN Global Compact
  • Member of PRI 
  • Member of Dansif and Dansif’s board of directors
  • Member of the Danish Association for the Global Compact
  • Member of Insurance & Pension Denmark’s SRI working group
  • Member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s CSR network
  • Member of Finance Denmark
  • Member of Danish Green Building Council
  • Member of the Danish Government’s think tank for a longer and better senior working life
  • Member of the Nordic Engagement Cooperation
  • Member of Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change
  • Member of the international climate network, CDP
  • Member of GRESB
  • Participates in the international union of investors, Climate Action 100+
  • Member of Velkommen Hjem
Media and trade magazines
  • Prioritises inquiries from the media highly and is the most discussed player in the pension sector
  • Writes opinion pieces to actively contribute towards increasing the understanding of pensions and related subjects
  • Strives to answer any inquiries and questionnaires from organisations and academia
  • Conducts ongoing population surveys on topics related to pensions and health
NGOs and private organisations
  • Meets with NGOs to collect knowledge and form a comprehensive and nuanced overview of societal dilemmas
  • Makes inquiries and enters into dialogues to build knowledge on specific areas that are important for PFA

PFA shares knowledge and works together with authorities and the political system concerning, for example:

  • Experience with active claims handling, prevention, etc.
  • Political frameworks for pension savings, ethical investments and other subjects in PFA’s sphere of interest
  • The development of Public Private Partnerships, Eksportkreditfonden, Dansk Vækstkapital and other investments that benefit society

Customer trust and managing complaints

Customers must have good options for reaching out to PFA if they are dissatisfied with PFA’s decisions and with the advisory services they receive from PFA. With so many customer interactions on a daily basis, there are bound to be some situations in which customers are not entirely satisfied with PFA’s handling of their concerns.

We can use these instances to learn from. PFA has a number of customer representatives whose role is to see the situation through the eyes of the customer. PFA also has a number of case managers tasked with handling formal complaints.

Social engagement

PFA is active and engaged in society, and it contributes to improving social conditions both in Denmark and around the world. PFA participates in a number of activities and has partnerships with several organisations, and it has also created the PFA Use Life Fund.

PFA believes that the support it provides is most effective when it is done in partnership with entities who are focusing on a single specific cause. 

PFA mainly offers its support via partnerships with associations who are connected to PFA’s core business. This may be in areas such as initiatives working with prevention, promoting health and fighting illnesses. 

For other types of supporting activities, we prioritise there being a connection between PFA’s activities and the purpose that is being supported. Finally, we also support initiatives aimed at informing and spreading awareness of issues that are closely related to life and pensions.

The support can be in the form of:
  • Financial contributions
  • Employee hours donated to volunteer work
PFA’s support comes with some requirements

When PFA provides support to an organisation’s work, it is important that the funds are managed carefully. Therefore, there are some requirements that come with the support, such as receiving written reports on the association’s objectives and management and how the support is used. In addition, we prioritise supporting projects that are not solely dependent on PFA’s contributions and in general work towards a sustainable development.

Questions about corporate responsibility?

If you have questions concerning PFA’s work with corporate responsibility, you are welcome to contact us at