You Invest

You Invest is for the customer who wants to take personal responsibility for how their pensions are invested. You can choose from a broad selection of different funds that, for example, invest in shares, bonds, real estate and commodities. We recommend that you have extensive knowledge of investments and have the time and desire to learn all about the opportunities and risks that the different markets have to offer.

You Invest  

With You Invest, you will have the full responsibility for your savings which you will invest in several funds that PFA has chosen. This means that you will be responsible for making the investment choices to grow your savings.

You will have access to a number of tools such as the investment portal FundCollect where you can find information about the various funds and make analyses. You will not have access to personal investment advice, however.

You can monitor your trades at My PFA.


Different funds

You Invest consists of different funds. They cover a wide range of investment opportunities. Most of the funds are actively managed, but there are also a number of passively managed funds (also called index funds). 

In an actively managed fund, the objective is to generate returns higher than those generated by the underlying market the fund invests in. There are three different types of actively managed funds in You Invest. One of these is managed internally by PFA. You can recognise these funds by the fact that they have ‘PFA Invest’ or just ‘PFA’ in their names. There are also several funds managed by external asset managers. You can typically recognise these by their names as well, for example, BankInvest Højt Udbytte Aktier (High Return Shares).

In a passively managed fund, the target is to generate a return that highly reflects the return from the underlying market that the fund invests in. The costs associated with passively managed funds are also typically lower than those of actively managed funds. You can recognise these funds by the ‘PFA Indeks’ in their names. The return of the fund will never be quite the same as the index, since there are no actual investments in all of the shares included in the index. The fund is managed in accordance with PFA's principles for responsible investment and therefore does not include shares in companies that do not meet PFA's ESG screening criteria.

Most of the funds are share funds. There are both global share funds and funds that invest in a specific region or individual country. There is also a single sector fund, dealing with the healthcare sector.

There are also several bond funds. With these, you can invest in both traditional Danish bonds but also index bonds where the return is also impacted by inflation trends, in corporate bonds with good high and low credit ratings and bonds from Emerging Markets.

Finally, there are also some special funds that allow you to invest in commodities and real estate. There is also a countercyclical fund that, among other things, invests in gold and a money market fund where the return essentially matches a cash allocation. Finally, there are funds that invest in shares, bonds and real estate at the same time.

Sustainability data

You can find the sustainability data from the individual funds in the fund overview below. You can find the funds’ sustainability categorisation in the ‘Sustainability’ tab and you can also find more information in the documents under the ‘Materials’ tab.


You Invest – terms and conditions

In You Invest, you can select the PFA funds as shown in the table below. These may consist of individual securities, cash and/or underlying funds. An underlying fund may be managed by an external asset manager. PFA cannot ensure that the policy for responsible investments is used and complied with when investing in funds, that are not managed by PFA, through ‘You Invest’.

The value of PFA funds and underlying funds may differ
In cases, where PFA funds include underlying funds, these may be included when calculating the value of the PFA funds in My PFA with values other than the official net asset value of the underlying funds, which can be seen on other websites, including the external manager’s. This is due to the size of the cash portfolio and the time of valuation, amongst other things.

The value of PFA funds in My PFA and on the You Invest website may differ
In My PFA, you select PFA funds at prices set by PFA. Prices are based on trading price calculated by PFA on an ongoing basis. Trading price can only be seen in My PFA when the selection process is completed. Trading price may vary throughout the day and cannot be directly compared with the values of the PFA funds shown on the You Invest website. This is because the values on the website are not calculated using the same method as the trading price. Differences will be greater short-term and will not have a significant impact over a longer time horizon.

The index of comparison shown is not the benchmark of the underlying fund
The index of comparison shown is delivered by external data providers, cf. the text below, and represents the median return of funds placed in the same category as the given fund, by the data provider. The median return is calculated daily and does not represent the return of a specific fund.

A selected PFA fund may be subject to an emission fee on purchase and a redemption deduction on sale. If so, this will be shown in the estimate for the selected investment (the "receipt") that you approve in My PFA when making your selection. Emission fees and redemption deductions can be seen under "costs" in My PFA.

External data provider
Historical returns and other PFA fund data on the website are provided by an external data and analysis provider. The data is based on the official net asset values of relevant underlying funds, or on net asset values calculated by PFA. Therefore, the values and returns for PFA funds on the website cannot be directly compared to the values and returns that you see based on the PFA funds in My PFA.

Applicable terms
All terms can be found in the Terms and conditions of pension for PFA Plus. In the event a discrepancy is found in the information on the website and the pension terms, the latter applies.