What's your plan?

A reliable pension plan ensures a comfortable retirement.
This applies both when you are actually saving up - and when you have attained an age
where payout is approaching. No matter what, we have the tools to guide you to a good plan.


Are your savings sufficient?

If you are under age 55, you should focus on your savings and whether they are sufficient to fulfil your expectations of retirement.

Your Pension Estimate reflects your prospects
for the future 

The Pension Estimate indicates whether your savings are sufficient.

If, for instance, your Pension Estimate is 75, you can expect to have
approximately 75 per cent of your present salary at your disposal for
20 years in retirement.

PFA recommends a Pension Estimate between 70-80

In order for your future living standard to approximately match the one
you have today, we recommend a Pension Estimate between 70 and 80.



Your savings plan points you in the right direction

Your Pension Estimate can be regarded as a compass which you can use to
steer by: If your prospects for the future do not match your wishes, you should
change course.

Using the savings plan at My PFA makes it easy for you to see how it will affect
your future if you pay just a little more to your pension plan each month, or if
you postpone your retirement a few years.



How do you like your Money to be paid out?

If you have reached the age of 55 or older, you soon need to make up your mind about how you want to have your money paid out.
What is the time frame for your pension payout? And, in which order of priority?



View your annual payouts - and adjust your plan

The payout plan at My PFA provides you with an overview of how much we expect
that you will receive in retirement - and when your money will be paid out (forecast).

You can make your own adjustments to the payout plan, for instance by changing the payout periods. You may also enter the value of your other savings, your residential property etc., so that your savings plan can provide you with a total overview.