Payout of your pension

Your pension savings can be paid out from the day you retire.
However, in some cases, you can have your pension paid out before retirement.

Here, you can read about what you ought to be aware of and how to initiate the payouts.

How to get your savings paid out


Contact PFA no later than two months before you wish to retire. Then, the money will be at your disposal from the date your retirement starts.

Please call (+45) 70 12 50 00 , then we will forward the document ‘Agreement on pension payouts’ to you.


Complete and return the document to PFA to initiate the payout.


The payouts will be made to your NemKonto “Easy Account”.

If you are unsure which account is your NemKonto, please contact your financial institution.

Check whether you can have your savings paid out earlier than your pension


If your savings plan was established through your current or former employer, it is most likely not possible to have it paid out before the agreed retirement age. There may be exceptions though. 


At My PFA (, you can get an overview of your savings. Please contact us at (+45) 70 12 50 00 and find out whether you can have your pension savings paid out earlier.


If you have savings that can be paid out before your retirement, the calculation of the size of your savings will be made at the time of the payout. Please note that if you have your savings paid out before the agreed retirement age, the payout will be subject to a flat-rate tax of up to 60 % to the Danish state. In addition, PFA charges a fee of DKK 1,995.