Housing & pension

What does your dream home look like?

It is a good idea to consider your housing situation when you are approaching retirement. Can you see yourself growing old in your current home, or do you wish to move to something a bit smaller? This is important to consider as your home greatly affects your well-being and your financial situation in retirement.

Move well in advance

Try to imagine how you would like to life in retirement. Studies show that, even though you plan to move to something smaller or easier to maintain, it will not become reality unless you move three years after retirement at the latest. Therefore, it is a good idea to translate your intentions into action well in advance. Doing so will also allow you to settle in well and enjoy many years in your new home.

Live alone or together with others

When your professional life comes to an end, the community you have been a part of at your workplace unfortunately also disappears. For some, it can be difficult to find new communities in their new everyday life, and your home and the area in which you live can therefore mean a great deal to your overall well-being. This applies regardless of whether your live alone or with a partner. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that more and more co-housing communities for seniors emerge across the country.

PFA Senior Co-Housing Communities

PFA is building senior co-housing communities, where you will get your own private home while you have access to a pleasant and inspiring community right outside your door. The first of its kind will be built in Horsens. If you would like to be updated on coming senior co-housing communities, you can sign up for PFA Fokus. Please note that PFA Fokus is only available in Danish.


PFA Rental Housing

PFA owns a number of tenancies, which you as a PFA customer will get preference to. Many of the tenancies live up to our Seniorboligstandard (PFA’s standard for senior-friendly housing), which means that the tenancies will also suit you as you grow older.  

PFA Seniorboligstandard

PFA Seniorboligstandard is a concept developed by PFA which sets a standard for the construction of senior-friendly housing. Both our senior housing and senior co-housing communities are built in compliance with PFA’s senior housing standard PFA Seniorboligstandard. The standard makes demands on facilities such as lifts in multi-floor buildings, ample lightning in the entrance areas, video entry phone system and homes with no or moderate doorsteps inside.

The standard has been developed by PFA in consultation with the Danish Building Research Institute (SBi).