Combine your pension savings

PFA’s overall recommendation is that you combine your pension savings in one place. It gives you a good overview, and it makes it easier to change and adjust your savings plan whenever needed. In addition, you often save money because you only have to pay one set of administrative expenses. However, in some cases it is not an advantage to transfer your savings.

Do you have other savings plans?

Many people in Denmark have savings plans with different companies which makes it difficult to know how much pension you can expect to receive after your last day of work. We offer you an overview of your different plans, and you can also combine your savings with PFA so that you only have to pay one set of administrative expenses. 

At My PFA, you can look into your savings. You will be guided through a few simple steps so that you can make your own assessment of which solution that is best for you.

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Get an overview of your plans

Combine your savings 

Some good advice

  • Check up on your plan when you change jobs. Perhaps your new employer has a pension plan with another company. In this case, your previous savings will not be transferred to your new plan automatically.

  • Not all pension savings are recommendable to combine. At My PFA you can get a useful overview of the pension savings you can transfer and the savings you ought not to touch.

  • Combine your savings with PFA. Generally, PFA charges the lowest expenses in the market, and, over a period of years, we have proved our ability to generate high returns.
Please contact us to get advice on what would be the best solution for you.