Late career

Prolong your working life with a few years

Before you begin planning your retirement, we recommend that you consider how you would like to spend the final years of your working life - what we call your late career. Therefore, we recommend that you initiate the dialogue with your employer early in order to give you the best framework that your workplace can offer you.

Change should ideally be for the better

Take time to consider how any changes may positively affect your job satisfaction. Wishes for changes at work differ from person to person, and maybe you prefer no changes at all. Many who choose to dedicate a few more years to the labour market are happy to take on a job within their field or in a position where they can pass on their long-time knowledge and experience.

For instance, you can consider:

  • How do you like your job today?
  • How can it get even better?
  • Which tasks do you prefer?
  • What would it take to give you the perfect working week?

Kick off your late career with good dialogue

Here you can find inspiration for how to prepare for the dialogue with your workplace about planning your late career.

Preparation is key

A good place to start is to gain an overview of how far your finances can carry you towards your needs and wishes for the future. It is also important that you consider which type of job you would like and how much responsibility you feel like taking on. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions, which are based on where you are at in your life and the career path you are on.

Your current situation

- What is important to you right now?
- Is your work-life balance right?
- Do you solve the right tasks at work?
- Do you have the level of flexibility you would like?

Your future

- What are you enthusiastic about?
- Which dreams do you have in relation to your job?
- What would you like your life to look like in two years?
- What would it take to fulfil your wishes?