Getting a Divorce

The consequences of divorce are many, and for most people a divorce also changes their financial situation significantly.


Generally, you do not need to share your pension savings with your spouse if you get a divorce.

However, if your pension savings differ greatly in size, the probate court may decide that you have to compensate your spouse.

Matters to consider

If you have made each other beneficiaries of your life insurance and pension plans, you may need to revise it and complete new beneficiary declarations.

If you have drawn up a will, you may need to revise it.

If you have set up a joint life insurance, you may need to revise or cancel it.

While being married, your financial situation was most likely based on two incomes. Now you have to make do with one. Your pension plan therefore needs to be adjusted to match your new situation – both in terms of payments and insurance cover.

Steps to take

Contact PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at (+45) 70 12 50 00 if you need advice.



Please contact a lawyer if you need advice on inheritance and drawing up a will.