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Have you just been employed with a company that has a PFA pension plan or has your workplace recently chosen PFA as its new pension supplier? Then, go through these 4 steps to get an overview of your new plan.

Get started – 4 simple steps



1. Investment of your savings

As a starting point, your employer has selected an investment profile for you. However, people are different and have different views on risk. Therefore, it is important that you select an investment profile that matches your preferences.

At My PFA, you can use our investment guide to help you select the best-suited profile. Remember to have your NemID ready.

Read more about investments at the market rate of interest


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2. Beneficiaries

Who should receive your money when you are no longer here? 

If you have appointed a beneficiary on your former plan, and if you want to transfer this appointment to the new plan, then you need to complete a new beneficiary declaration.

Read more about appointing beneficiaries and next of kin

Complete a beneficiary declaration


3. Insurance cover

Children, pay rises, moving, divorce. When your life changes, it may be a good idea to check whether your insurance plans provide the necessary cover.

At My PFA, you can go through the insurance guide and find out whether you ought to adjust your rel="noopener noreferrer" insurance plans.

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4. Collecting your pension plans

PFA’s overall recommendation is that you collect your pension savings in one place. It gives you a good overview, and makes it easier to change and adjust your savings plan whenever needed.

However, in some case, it is not an advantage to transfer your savings.

Please contact PFA to get advice on what would be the best solution for you. Contact PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at:

(+45) 70 12 50 00

More about pension consultation

A new pension plan gives occasion for talking to a professional adviser about your insurance cover and savings - based on your life. Depending on your needs, the consultation can be take place over the telephone, on your computer or as a face-to-face meeting.