Your pension plan in brief

Through your employer or trade organisation, you have a pension plan with PFA.
Below, you can read more about how you benefit from your monthly payments.

*Your payments and your insurance cover depend on the agreement that your employer or trade organisation has chosen for you.
You can view your payments and your coverage at My PFA

Adapt your pension plan to your life

Your employer or trade organisation has decided on the basics of your plan, but you can still adjust it to your current life situation.


Your options depend on the agreement between your employer or trade organisation and PFA.

Stay updated on your pension plan

PFA Fokus, which is available in Danish only, is your online access to news, recommendations and information about your advantages. Sign up for PFA Fokus at My PFA ( and get relevant information about your pension plan.

Your contact information

PFA Pension uses your contact information to send you digital mail, which you can access at My PFA.
Therefore, it is important that you enter your contact information and make sure to keep it updated so that you do not miss out on important information from us.