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General overview and good advice

You will receive advice that is targeted to your life and financial situation – when it is relevant for you.

  • How and how much have your savings increased?
  • Do you have the right investment profile?
  • Do your savings match your expectations to life in retirement?
  • Does your insurance cover match your life and your family?
  • Which rules are applicable in relation to tax and pension? 


We will send out 6 – 8 e-mails per year, which, among other things, will give you:

  • A simple overview of your return and savings
  • Regular updates on your personal key figures
  • Notifications on for instance new legislation and tax rules
  • Recommendations for optimisation of your plan 

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What to do - three simple steps:

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PFA Fokus: How will I benefit?

How will I benefit from PFA Fokus?
We want to make sure that you get maximum value from your PFA pension plan, and, by e-mailing you, we can quickly notify you of any relevant information. For instance, this could be about tax statements or if you can get more out of your pension by taking immediate action. In addition, you will receive information on a regular basis about the developments in your savings and your Pension Estimate.
What can PFA use my permission for?
You allow PFA to contact you with relevant recommendations by phone, e-mail, app and text messages. This makes it easier for both you and us, and, in most cases, the information will replace an ordinary letter.
What is “relevant” information?
We want you to make the most of your pension plan, and we would like to advice you based on your specific situation and needs. Therefore, we look at the composition of your pension plan in order to tailor the information that is relevant to you. In addition, you will receive information on a regular basis about the developments in your savings and your Pension Estimate.


PFA Fokus: How does it Work?

How often will I receive e-mails?
You will receive 6-8 e-mails per year, and only when relevant to you and your pension plan. Of course, you will also be notified if something extraordinary happens that affects you.
Will PFA look through all my personal documents/data/information?
PFA must comply with very specific rules concerning the handling of personal data. Therefore, only select employees have access to your data, which we only go through in order to ensure that you receive e-mails with relevant recommendations. We will not exchange health information internally between our companies – only information about your pension.
Will PFA share my data with others?
PFA must comply with very specific rules concerning the handling of personal data, which means that we take good care of your data. Your e-mail address will only be used to send you e-mails from PFA – and only when we think it is of relevance to you.
Can I unsubscribe from PFA Fokus?
Yes, you can always unsubscribe if you no longer want to receive information from PFA. You unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of the PFA Fokus e-mail or on this link.


PFA Group consent: What do I agree to?

Exchange of customer data as well as information from the PFA Group
The PFA Group consists of several companies, each providing solutions for pension savings, insurance cover, health plans, investment, personal finances and related seminars. In order to give you the best advice on all of our solutions, we need your consent to exchange information about you internally within the PFA Group and to contact you. With your acceptance, you confirm that the PFA Group may exchange information about you and contact you with information and promotional material about the products offered by the PFA Group. This applies to the companies PFA Pension forsikringsaktieselskab, PFA Bank A/S and PFA Asset Management A/S.
The companies may exchange information about you
You agree to the companies exchanging the following information:

  • you as a person - for instance occupation, name, address and civil reg. No.
  • your income and your financial circumstances
  • the products you have through the PFA Group and related information - such as engagement, agreements, employment and union matters, account and policy numbers, savings in deposit accounts, information about previous, present and future payments and payouts, information about investments, investment risk, risk appetite, insurance cover, insurance benefits, debts, interest and arrears.
The consent does not entitle the companies to exchange information about health and social matters which you have disclosed to PFA Pension forsikringsaktieselskab on establishment of a pension plan, an insurance plan or in connection with payouts.

The Group companies may contact you

You agree to the companies using your contact information for informational and promotional purposes concerning the products offered by the PFA Group and to being contacted by phone, text message, app notifications and e-mail. The PFA Group’s products include pension and savings, life and non-life insurance including health plans, investment and advisory services, deposits and loans, credit cards and other financial services as well as related seminars, competitions and events concerning the above products.

The purpose of obtaining information

The companies/company in the PFA Group of which you are a customer obtain(s) information. The information is obtained and processed for the purpose of sales and administration of pension plans, insurance cover, investment solutions and other financial products and services, and the subsequent advisory services, customer care, administration, statutory reporting, statistics and marketing.

Type of information

On establishment of a pension or insurance plan, we request the information necessary to administer your plan. Often, we receive this information automatically from your employer and SKAT (the Danish tax authorities), but the information may also be provided by you and/or a representative of your insurance group. If your pension or insurance plan has been transferred from another insurance company/pension fund, we will generally also receive information from the company in question. When you make changes to your pension or insurance plan or if you want to make use of financial products or services provided by the PFA Group, we may require that you submit additional information. When you request payouts, we are entitled to require that you document the payout claim specifically. This may concern, for example, information about health or financial circumstances. As far as health information and information about social conditions are concerned, we only obtain and process this information if you have given your consent. We receive the information directly from you, the public authorities, authorised healthcare professionals, the Danish Centre of Health and Insurance or other insurance companies/pension funds.

Recipients of disclosed information

PFA’s employees are all under the duty of confidentiality regarding your and other customers’ personal data and are not entitled, unless so authorised, to disclose or pass on any information that may come to their knowledge in connection with their daily work. Disclosure of customer data between the companies within the PFA Group can only take place to a limited extent as all companies are subject to statutory confidentiality. For this reason, disclosure of information between these companies will normally require your consent. We only disclose information to the extent we are entitled or required to under Danish legislation, or if we obtain your consent to do so. Recipients of such information may be your employer, insurance broker, external specialists, insurance companies/pension funds or public authorities. We will disclose your civil registration number to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority if you have a Critical Illness insurance. This ensures that the Danish Health and Medicines Authority will be able to inform you about your insurance if you should fall seriously ill.

Your rights

According to the rules in force, you may gain insight into what information a company of which you are a customer has registered about you by making an inquiry to the company in question. You may have to pay a fee to get the information in writing. You can also get information about what information that may be disclosed with and without your consent, for what purposes the information can be disclosed and who may receive the information. If there is an error in the processed information, the information will be corrected upon your request.

How to contact us

You can revoke your consent at any time and approach us with other matters. You can contact the PFA Group using the contact form available at, at (+45) 70 12 50 00 or by letter to

PFA Pension
Sundkrogsgade 4
2100 København Ø