My PFA is for you who have a PFA pension plan. It is important that your pension plan matches your needs and your life situation – this way you will benefit the most from it. At My PFA, you can find guides and personal recommendations to help you.

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The more we know about you, the better our advice to you will be. Start by entering all your financial information under “My Situation” to ensure that the calculations are as accurate as possible.



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Retrieve information from PensionsInfo about your other pension plans

Many of our customers also have savings and insurance plans with other pension companies and banks. We recommend that you retrieve information from PensionsInfo about your other plans. This gives you the full overview of your retirement finances, and makes it easier to plan your savings. Please note that PensionsInfo is only available in Danish.

Retrieve PensionsInfo





View your Pension Estimate at My PFA

The Pension Estimate is a single figure that shows the strength of your savings at present. For example, if your Pension Estimate is 80, you can expect to have approximately 80 per cent of your present salary at your disposal for 20 years from the day you retire. At My PFA, we have already calculated your Pension Estimate.

You can also draw up a savings plan and see the effect that just small changes will have on your future standard of living. 

View your Pension Estimate



Use the Investment Guide

Your savings help ensure a financially comfortable retirement. Therefore, our primary objective is to make sure that your savings grow, which we achieve by investing your pension pot. If you have a PFA Plus pension plan, you can adjust the investments to match your preferences.

Use the Investment Guide


Download the My PFA app for your phone or tablet

The My PFA app lets you access your personal pension information from your phone or tablet.

  • Download the My PFA app for your phone or tablet.
  • Log on to the app and access all your personal pension data. The first time you log on, you need to use your NemID. In the app, you can set up a personal password to make it easier to log on next time.
  • With the My PFA app, you can, among other things, get an overview of your return and calculate your Pension Estimate, which illustrates whether your retirement savings are sufficient.