Adjust your insurance cover

Typically, your pension plan includes insurance cover, which should match your life situation. The recommended coverage differs significantly depending on whether you get married or divorced, have children or it is just you. If you are overinsured, you miss out on savings, and, if your coverage does not match your life, you do not get the maximum out of your insurance plans. This is especially important if you have children.

Submit your health information to PFA

If you want to change your insurance cover, you must log on to My PFA and go through the Insurance Guide. Then we can give you the best recommendations based on the choices you have made in the guide. In some cases, PFA may ask you to submit health information. If so, you will be guided through a number of questions about your health. While completing the questions, you can save your entries and resume the health questionnaire again within two weeks.

In certain cases, you may be asked to submit a health certificate, for instance together with your doctor, or PFA may need further information from, for example, a hospital or a specialist. In these cases, you will always be contacted by PFA.


In some cases, you cannot submit health information through My PFA. Then it will instead be possible to submit the information by downloading the below health declaration.