PFA Occupational Capacity

With PFA Occupational Capacity, you are covered financially if you fall seriously ill and become unable to work. The insurance plan gives you the possibility of receiving a payout if your occupational capacity is reduced. We know that it’s important for most people to keep their job during their sick leave, and, therefore, the insurance offers help with doing just that if it’s established through an employer.


Which types of payout are available?

With PFA Occupational Capacity - regular payouts, you will receive monthly payouts, which typically will be a percentage of your salary. Also, in most cases, PFA will take on the payments to your pension plan, meaning that both your savings and most of your insurance cover will continue unchanged while your occupational capacity is sufficiently reduced. This is called payment protection cover (premium waiver).

PFA Occupational Capacity may be with or without automatic adjustment of the coverage percentage. 
If you have automatic adjustment, your coverage percentage will be changed automatically if your salary level increases or decreases. 
As a rule, the monthly payout is a supplement to any public benefit and other regular income you may have after your occupational capacity was reduced. This means that the payout will top up this income so that you reach your salary level from before the reduction of your occupational capacity. However, the payout from PFA cannot exceed the selected insurance cover. Depending on which type of PFA Occupational Capacity you have, further limitations may apply to payout. 

If your insurance plan includes increased regular payouts when job rehabilitation benefit has been granted, you can, in certain cases, get an increased payout if you become entitled to a public job rehabilitation programme, as the authorities will set off the public benefits against the payout from PFA.

At My PFA, you can see whether you are covered by PFA Occupational Capacity – regular payouts, with or without automatic adjustment, as well as the maximum possible percentage of your current salary you can receive. You can also see whether you have payment protection cover, how much of your pension payment that is covered by payment protection cover and whether you have the possibility of receiving increased payouts during a job rehabilitation programme.


When and for how long?

At the earliest, the payouts will begin and the payment protection cover take effect when our assessment shows that your occupational capacity has been reduced to a sufficient degree for a period of time (typically 3 months).

To receive increased payout when job rehabilitation programme has been granted, you must also meet the special conditions hereof. 

You can receive payouts for as long as it can be documented that your occupational capacity is sufficiently reduced and you fulfil the other conditions.

In any circumstance, the payout will stop if we assess that your occupational capacity has improved to a degree that no longer qualifies for cover. The payouts and the payout protection cover will lapse when you reach the agreed retirement age at the latest.

At, you can see when your insurance plans will lapse at the latest. You can also find the detailed conditions that apply to your insurance plans and that you need to fulfil to qualify for occupational capacity insurance payouts and/or payment protection cover.

Your coverage

You can see the specifics of your insurance cover in your pension certificate and in the terms and conditions, which you find at My PFA under Documents.

At My PFA, you can also try our Insurance Guide and find out whether your level of insurance cover is sufficient. If you have PFA Occupational Capacity with automatic adjustment, your coverage percentage will automatically be adjusted to your salary, but there may be other factors than your salary which are important in finding the right coverage for you. For instance, it matters if you have children, are married and if you have other income besides your salary. Log on to My PFA


If you need to use the insurance plan

First step is to notify us of the reduction in your occupational capacity – you do so either online or by contacting us by phone.
We will contact you once we have received your claim.

Additional support if you fall ill or get injured

We are ready to help and support you so that your health will improve as quickly as possible. Naturally, we want your quality of life to be the best it can be, and we also want to help you retain your current job or return fully or partially to the labour market if possible. Being ill and, at the same time, having to navigate the available offers can be exhausting. Therefore, we offer to support you in a number of ways, such as:

  • Advice in connection with your contact with the public sector, including your municipality, to ensure that you receive all relevant offers of treatment, rehabilitation therapy etc.
  • Referring you to public offers and benefits and following up on medical recommendations concerning treatment
  • Referring you to private sector options
  • Coordinating appointments in the private and public healthcare system if you have PFA Health Insurance. Coordination ensures the best possible course of treatment.

Find out whether you have PFA Health Insurance at

When you have a PFA Occupational Capacity plan, you automatically also have PFA EarlyCare which provides you with help and guidance if, for instance, you experience symptoms of stress, are at risk of facing a sick leave for other reasons or are already on sick leave. 

Read more about PFA EarlyCare here  

If you receive salary during your sick leave

If you receive salary from your employer during your sick leave, you are, as a rule, not entitled to any insurance benefits. However, we can choose to pay out the insurance benefit directly to your employer for a period of time if you are still receiving full salary from your employer.