PFA Healtcare Hotline

Get advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle

The Healthcare Hotline is your direct access to counselling about pains, stress, exercise, diet and weight loss, etc.
The service is for all PFA's pension customers, and is professional, anonymous and free of charge.


You can call PFA Healthcare Hotline at (+45) 70 26 99 70 and receive advice and guidance on making lifestyle changes such as changing exercise and dietary habits, smoking cessation or prevention of stress. You are also welcome to call if you feel stuck, and need help to realise your intentions of a healthier lifestyle - physically as well as mentally.

Prevention of stress is important in order to secure your mental health, thereby avoiding absence due to illness. If you experience any early symptoms of stress or poor well-being, the Healthcare Hotline can provide you with some simple tools for handling your situation – the earlier, the better.

Professional advisory services

The Healthcare Hotline is serviced by an independent business partner that has been carefully selected by PFA to give you the best possible advice. The team consists of psychotherapists, dieticians and other health specialists. The advisory services are based on evidence and effect, so you can be sure that you are heading the right way to achieve your goal.

How to use PFA Healthcare Hotline

Feel free to call PFA Healthcare Hotline and get help to establish a healthier lifestyle with for example less stress, more exercise and a healthier diet. We are ready to help you get started.

Call the Healthcare Hotline at (+45) 70 26 99 70
Monday - Thursday 8:30 – 17:00
Friday 08:30 – 16:00