Payouts to the dependants

Your dependants may qualify for payouts for up to four years if you should suddenly pass away. It is a comforting thought to know that your family will have financial security if their lives have to go on without you.

You decide who your beneficiaries should be



Who gets the money?

Generally speaking, your next of kin will receive the payout from PFA unless you have agreed otherwise with us. If you want your payouts to go to other persons, you can log on to My PFA and change the designation of beneficiaries for your plans.

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Need a children’s pension?

You can take out extra insurance cover - children’s pension - so that your children will get a fixed amount if you should pass away before a certain age. The money will be taxed as personal income for the child, and we therefore recommend that you choose an amount within the framework of your child’s tax exemption card. This way, the child will not have to pay taxes on the payouts.

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