You are no longer able to work

If you lose your working capacity completely or partially, you may qualify for payouts from PFA.
In addition, we will also help you to keep your attachment to the labour market if this is still possible.

We can help you every step of the way



Regular payouts

You may qualify for a monthly payout which is typically a percentage of your current salary. In addition, in most cases PFA will assume the payments to your pension plan so that both your savings and your health plan can continue unchanged while your occupational capacity is reduced.


Make sure you have sufficient cover

If your occupational capacity is reduced, you may qualify for a monthly payout which, together with any potential public benefits, can provide you with financial security. Therefore, it is important that the insurance cover you have selected suits your life and your needs.


Back to work

If possible, it is important to maintain your attachment to the labour market - and we will also help with this. If your occupational capacity improves, your payout will be adjusted and in the best-case scenario stop completely if you once again restore your full working capacity.

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