Insurance overview

PFA Preventive Care
Quick treatment of minor work-related disorders

Quick treatment usually occurs within 4 days to ensure that minor disorders do not develop into major problems.

Treatment by physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and reflexologists does not require a doctor’s referral.

Online booking (for emergency treatment within 24 hours, please call (+45) 70 12 50 00 between 08:00 and 21:00).

PFA EarlyCare
Get help if you get a 2-week or more notification of illness

Help from day one of a 2-week or more notification of illness.  

Our Health Guides are ready to help you and ensure that your course of treatment is customised to your situation. 

A holistic approach. Focus on you, your state of health and well-being – both at home and at work.

PFA Health Insurance
Quick treatment or examination at hospitals and clinics, or by specialists


Quick treatment usually within 1-10 weekdays.

Covers work-related and non-work-related injuries.

Possibility of taking out cover for your spouse and children.

PFA Critical Illness
Financial breathing space to help you through a tough time

You can spend the amount on extra care, a holiday, changes to your home or letting your partner take some time off work. 

The insurance plan covers large blood clots in the heart, cerebral haemorrhages, certain types of cancer tumour, etc.

Possibility of taking out children’s cover in case your children are diagnosed with a critical illness.

PFA Occupational Capacity
If your ability to work is reduced

Please note that the above is an example, and accordingly the figures will vary depending on your individual needs.


PFA Life
Make sure your closest relatives are taken care of financially if you should pass away


times your annual salary before tax ensures that your family can maintain its standard of living for up to 4 years.


Possibility of taking out children’s pension for your children.


Payouts to your “next of kin”. If you want someone else to receive the money, you must complete a beneficiary declaration.


Your next of kin will automatically be contacted in the event of your death.