PFA Health Insurance

Quick treatment for you in age group 60-79

Quick examination and treatment

If you fall ill, it is important that you can get examined quickly and start the correct treatment. This is possible with PFA Health Insurance, because it is a health insurance for the private healthcare system, which gives you quick access to treatment at various private hospitals, private clinics and by specialists. This offers you sound security, because you can quickly get a diagnosis and find out how to get well again.

In order to be eligible for PFA Health Insurance, you must be in age group 60-79, have your deposit placed with PFA Pension, reside in Denmark and not be covered by health insurance through your employer.


Valid prices

Age group 60-69: DKK 350 per month

Age group 70-79: DKK 525 per month


How to get PFA Health Insurance

You can take out PFA Health Insurance by calling PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at +45 70 12 50 00. You should know that if you order a PFA Health Insurance before you turn 70, it will be automatically renewed when you turn 70. You will be notified before the renewal takes effect and will also be informed about the new price.

For your partner

If your domestic partner or spouse is also interested in taking out PFA Health Insurance, please call PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at +45 70 12 50 00 to hear more about terms and prices.

If you need to use PFA Health Insurance

Always contact your own doctor first to ensure that you are referred to the right pre-examination and/or receive the correct treatment and that you, in this way, get the correct referral or recommendation* from the doctor.

*A doctor’s referral is not required if you need treatment by an osteopath, chiropractor, dietician, reflexologist or acupuncturist.

Call PFA at +45 70 12 50 00 to have the treatment approved.

Afterwards, you need to file your claim.


File your claim here

You can pick a therapist of your choosing if you have been approved for treatment by an osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, reflexologist, dietician or acupuncturist.

In connection with any other treatment or examination, you will be referred to a treatment facility within PFA’s quality-assured network.


PFA will settle the payment directly with the treatment facility so that you do not need to pay up front and claim the payment back later.

What does PFA Health Insurance cover?

If you log on to My PFA, you can see the details of your coverage.

You can use the examination and treatment options etc. right from the day when you become covered by the health insurance plan; however, the need for treatment must have occurred during the insurance period.

Please note that any pre-existing illnesses and illnesses that have arisen as a consequence hereof will not be covered until 6 months after the date of registration.

Covered by PFA Health Insurance


Expenses for pre-examinations

Surgery/follow-up treatment:  
Treatment and re-examination at hospitals, clinics or by specialists
Prescription-only medicine following treatment covered by the insurance
Rehabilitation ordered by a specialist
Temporary home care services

Treatment by a psychologist

Examination and treatment of a mental illness by a psychiatrist

Log on to My PFA. In your terms and conditions of pension, you can see the exact cover that applies to you

Not covered by PFA Health Insurance (not exhaustive)

Chronic illnesses that occurred before you became covered by PFA Health Insurance

Cosmetic surgery, forehead lift, eyelid lift

Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids or dental treatment

Any need of treatment that occurred before you became covered by PFA Health Insurance

Emergency treatments (for instance situations that require doctors from the emergency service or casualty ward)

Alternative treatment

Addictions such as compulsive gambling, etc.

You can read more in your terms and conditions at My PFA