Have you lost your balance in life?

Have you lost your balance in your everyday life or are you showing symptoms of stress?
You are not alone. More than one in four of us are dealing with mental health challenges such as stress, unease and anxiety.

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Even mild symptoms of a lack of well-being may be the early signs of stress or other mental challenges that may develop rapidly. We are ready to help you - regardless of whether it concerns minor or persistent symptoms. We ask the right questions that allow us to quickly clarify whether you need help.


Access to psychological counselling

The typical signs of a lack of mental well-being are having trouble sleeping, feeling uneasy, anxiety and an impaired memory. These are your body’s signals telling you that you are not OK. If you need psychological counselling, our health advisers are qualified to find you the right psychologist for your situation. This allows us to help you get back to a normal everyday life faster.


Find your balance in life again

Stress and other mental challenges tend to pile up, and it can take a long time from when the symptoms begin to when you might have to go on sick leave. Therefore, it can also take time to find your balance in life and build up your working life again once you have been on sick leave. We will help you with this throughout the entire process.

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