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How to get assistance in the event of illness

PFA EarlyCare can help you get treatment

Stress as well as other serious illnesses can have severe consequences if the problems are allowed to grow. Therefore, it is important that you start treatment quickly. With PFA EarlyCare, you can be assigned a Health Guide who is ready to talk to you about your situation and who can help customise a programme to your specific situation.


Assistance in the event of illness

You can contact PFA EarlyCare immediately away when you fall ill. Experience shows that early intervention can minimise the risk of an illness turning into long-term sickness absence. This goes for both physical and mental problems or illnesses.


Our Health Guides are ready to help

You will be assigned a personal Health Guide who is ready to listen and guide you, and who is trained to assess whether a tailored PFA EarlyCare programme is needed. Your Health Guide follows you through the programme and is focused on the goal, which is to ensure that you feel in safe hands and that you recover as quickly as possible.

A holistic approach

A holistic approach ensures the most effective help. Therefore, you will address everything from diet and exercise to sleeping habits, well-being and mental health – regardless of the reason for the sick leave. We believe that your whole body must be in balance. Because health promotes Health.

We are here to help

It can quickly seem like an impossible situation when you are diagnosed with a serious illness. It has an impact on both your own life and the lives of your family - and your working life. It is also hard to manage all the parties that are involved during the course of your illness. Therefore, we help you to navigate through this and to set up a treatment programme so that you can recover as soon as possible.

Meet two PFA EarlyCare employees and hear about how we can help you.

It is important to feel heard and understood
A good day's work means making a difference

Check whether you can get help from PFA EarlyCare

If you are covered by PFA Occupational Capacity, you will automatically also be covered by PFA EarlyCare. If you are unsure about your coverage, you can check your insurance overview at My PFA ( and find out which insurance cover your pension plan includes, and whether you are covered by PFA EarlyCare.

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Do you want us to call you?

Do you need help, or do you have questions about EarlyCare?

Our Health Guides are ready and waiting by the phones. Fill out the form and we will call as soon as possible. We will call on the next weekday at the latest.

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