It is easy to get help

Your health is just as important as your savings, and we are ready to respond quickly and effectively if you lose your balance in life, fall ill or are injured.

How can we help you?



Help with getting a healthier lifestyle

Do you have a hard time balancing your everyday life or do you have challenges related to your diet, weight or exercising? At PFA, we are just a phone call away and you can call and get help with the challenges you are facing.


Have you lost your balance in life?

Have you lost your balance in your everyday life or are you experiencing symptoms of stress? You are not alone. More than a quarter of people living in Denmark are experiencing mental health challenges such as stress, unease and anxiety.


Are you in pain?

A pain in your back, a sore knee or a stiff neck can turn your day into a nightmare. Typically, such symptoms will not just go away if you just keep working as before, so it is important to prevent injuries and disorders from developing.

At PFA, help is within reach

A quick response offers security in your everyday life - both for you and those around you.

Health and well-being

Get help with preventive measures, well-being and early intervention if you are at risk of falling ill, becoming stressed or want to have a healthier lifestyle. The sooner you react to symptoms the better.

Prompt treatment

Whether it concerns minor ailments or more comprehensive treatments, we can help you get an examination and quick access to treatment. An early intervention can make a big difference.

Peace of mind and support

We are with you throughout the process, also if you can no longer work. We can help you with advisory services and support, and, in some cases, we can also offer compensation for you or your dependants.