Inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

Do you have a hard time finding balance in your everyday life or do you experience challenges
related to your diet, weight or exercising?

At PFA, we are just a phone call away and you can call and get help with the challenges you are facing.

How can we help you?

It is hard to get through physical and mental problems on your own, and therefore you can always call and tell us about your problems and challenges.

We are ready to listen and give you some good advice for how you can move forward.



Is it difficult for you to find balance in your life?

It is important that you react quickly if you experience symptoms of stress or are concerned about your well-being. We can provide you with some good and simple tools to fight stress in its early stages.


Would you like to live a healthier life?

Would you like to lose weight, eat healthier or quit smoking? No matter what the issue is, changing our habits is a big step to take. Therefore, it is also a really good idea to get counselling and share knowledge and ideas so that you are motivated to stay on track.

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Get professional help

We have a team that includes nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists - so you can ask us about virtually anything related to you and your state of health. Our counselling is based on established knowledge and methods that have proved to be effective to help you get on the right track.

Inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

We are ready for your call at

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