A healthy lifestyle boosts your health

Inspiration for a healthier everyday life

You do not need a degree in health to live a healthier life. We have gathered all the information you need right here.
Basically it is about implementing healthy habits, and you can find inspiration here on these pages.

Recharge mentally

You need mental breaks in order to recharge. You catch a mental break by, for example, being present in the moment, getting a good night's sleep and giving consideration to how much you use your phone.

Advice on mental balance, sleep and digital habits

Stay active

Being active and getting your blood circulation going is important for your health. For example, you can stand up at work and make sure that you exercise a little when you are off work. Small steps can have a great effect.

Increase your everyday activity level

Eat to energise

The healthier you eat, the stronger your health will be. But your energy level is also affected by when you eat and what works for your body specifically.

Advice on food that boosts your energy level

PFA Healthcare Hotline - inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

As a customer with PFA Pension, you can get help with, for example, changing your exercise and dietary habits, quitting smoking or stress prevention.
You can contact the Healthcare Hotline at (+45) 70 26 99 70, or read more by clicking the link below.