PFA Senior Health

Stay fit and healthy

Be well equipped for a healthy life

When your working life is over, a new interesting chapter begins. In order to be well equipped for it, you need to take care of yourself, your fitness and your health.
If you have a savings plan with PFA, you have exclusive access to PFA Senior Health, which is a service package that helps keep your quality of life at its peak. You get an annual Health Check, advice concerning fitness and health as well as personal guidance if you fall ill and need treatment. In addition, you can get support and guidance in difficult situations.

Get extra security in your daily life

PFA Senior Health is for you if you would like to buy some extra security in your daily life. You will always have someone to contact if you are not at the peak of your powers – and then you will be sure to get an annual health status which many often forget.

Security and help for a price of DKK 149 per month

PFA Senior Health only costs DKK 1,788 per year, which corresponds to DKK 149 per month, and it is only available for people who have a savings plan with PFA. You can get PFA Senior Health by calling PFA at (+45) 70 12 50 00.

PFA Senior Health


An annual Health Check including advice and guidance regarding the results of the Health Check

You will get an annual Health Check which will give you regular insight into your health, a better opportunity to react on signs of illness as well as personal guidance of how to prevent illness and disorders. The Health Check includes measurement of your health percentage, levels of cholesterol and blood sugar, blood pressure, waist measurement, lung function, haemoglobin percentage, hearing test, vision test as well as balance and reaction exercises.

Furthermore, you will discuss your muscle and joint issues, sleep pattern, mental well-being, lifestyle and work-related future. A nurse with clinical experience will carry out the Health Check, which takes approximately an hour. The checks take place at clinics in select Danish cities.


Guidance concerning fitness and health over the phone

You can get advice and guidance about health, lifestyle and fitness on weekdays between 8:00-16:00. You can talk to us if you are worried about your physical and mental well-being and you can ask questions if you are in doubt about something after your Health Check. Furthermore, you can get an overview of your options and rights regarding waiting times, guarantee of treatment, free choice of hospitals, rehabilitation, etc.


Guide to public treatment programmes

It can be difficult to navigate through the public healthcare system. Therefore, you can get access to a personal Health Guide for examination and treatment programmes, so that you will not be alone with difficult questions. Your qualified guide will help you get a clear idea of your programme and will prepare you for an informed dialogue with patient counsellors, doctors, etc. Your dialogue with the guide will primarily take place over the phone.


Support and guidance in difficult situations

When life is hard, it can mean the world to have someone to talk to and get feedback from when it comes to what to do and how to move on. Perhaps one of your close relatives has passed away, you are diagnosed with a serious illness, you have family-related problems or you simply find life difficult. Help can consist in dialogue over the phone with an experienced and specialised healthcare professional, phone consultations with a psychologist or similar.

How to use PFA Senior Health


Contact PFA at (+45) 70 80 78 70

When you contact PFA on the above number, you will reach a PFA employee who will put you through to Falck Healthcare which delivers the services.


Select one of the four options with Falck Healthcare

Press ‘1’ if you need guidance about fitness and health.

Press ‘2’ if you need a guide in connection with a treatment programme.

Press ‘3’ if you need support and guidance in a difficult situation.

Press ‘4’ if your inquiry concerns questions about your Health Check.

Hereafter, you will get in touch with a Falck employee who will help you with your inquiry.


Book a Health Check

As soon as Falck Healthcare registers that you have bought PFA Senior Health, they will send you a welcome e-mail so you can book a Health Check.

  • Open the welcome e-mail that you receive from Falck Healthcare
  • Click on the link in the e-mail or go to
  • Click on ’Log in’ in the top right-hand corner
  • Log in using your user ID from the welcome e-mail
  • Go to the ‘Health Percentage’ to complete the questionnaire
  • Go to ’Booking’ to book an appointment for a Health Check.

Important! You get the most out of your Health Check if you fill in the Health Percentage beforehand. If you have any questions about the above, please call (+45) 70 80 78 70 and press ‘4’.

Would you like to know more about PFA Senior Health?

PFA Senior Health is a unique service that ensures that you take care of yourself, your fitness and your health.

If you want to know more, please call (+45) 70 12 50 00