A large community comes with many advantages

At PFA your savings come with many benefits, regardless of whether you pay into the plan or not. In addition to getting your money to grow towards a new chapter in your life, we can also help to provide security in the life you are living here and now. It’s about things such as financial security, your well-being and how you are given the opportunity to live the life you want. Both now and in the future.

Advisory services that cover everything

Regardless of whether you have a few years’ experience on the labour market or are in the process of making your final plans, or do not pay into your pension at all, you still need an overview and advisory services. At PFA we not only look at pensions and insurance, but also assets, housing, senior dreams and much more. We will review your situation across the board to ensure that you have peace of mind and feel financially secure.


Attractive non-life insurance plans in cooperation with LB Forsikring

As a PFA customer you can buy attractive insurance plans such as home contents insurance and car insurance from LB Forsikring.
Time after time, consumer council Tænk Penge has named the home contents, home, car and accident insurance plans as “Best in Test,” and, in 2019, LB Forsikring once again can confidently claim to have a high level of member satisfaction and the most loyal members in the industry.

Hear from us when it is relevant to you

We would like to send you news and recommendations when it involves topics that are relevant to you, such as when changes take place in your life. But in many cases, this means that we need your consent. This is so we can tell you about topics such as new rental housing, new initiatives related to health and also to send you invitations to courses and events.

Insurance provides financial security

When illness strikes, your finances are what you would least like to think about. But in the event of critical illness and, in the worst case, death, failing to think about this can have major consequences. This is why PFA gives you many options to secure yourself financially. Your employer plan typically contains life and health insurance, but you also have the option to purchase them.


PFA Health Insurance for people between 60-79 years of age

If you have savings at PFA and you have turned 60, then you and your spouse or partner can buy health insurance cover if you do not already have it via your employer.

Housing throughout your entire life

As a PFA customer, you have preferential right to the many types of rental housing owned by PFA. We have several types of housing, because there is naturally a difference in how you wish to live during life’s different phases. PFA’s housing is spread out all over Denmark and more housing is being built all the time. If you would like to stay updated about the housing PFA has to offer, then you can sign up for PFA Focus, which will give you regular updates about new initiatives.
You can sign up at My PFA (mitpfa.dk).



Student housing facilities

To create an optimal framework for learning and community, PFA is building student housing facilities in Odense, Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen. Odense opened in January 2020 and the waiting list is already accessible.

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Rental housing

If you are looking for a new home, then you have the option to move into one of PFA’s many attractive rental homes. There are many different sizes and price classes, and they are spread out all over Denmark.

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Senior housing

Senior life must be good and safe, and this also applies in the home. This is why you have the option to move into different types of senior-friendly housing, which consider your age and needs.

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Savings in available capital via PFA Bank

As a PFA customer you have the option to invest your available capital at a low cost through PFA Bank. Here you will receive access to investment funds that have received the top score of 5 stars from the independent analysis institute Morningstar for their excellent balance between high return, low cost and risk.

Free webinars about your options

To get the best out of your PFA plan, we would like to prepare you as best as possible, so that you can make the most of your options. We do this via our advisory services, but you can also participate in different webinars where you can receive tips and recommendations about topics ranging from investment of your savings to planning your pension payouts.

Savings with a unique profit distribution

PFA is unlike the others. When we were founded over 100 years ago, our owners renounced their financial gain, and this is the way things still are today. This means that we will not earn money for shareholders, but instead we can distribute any profits to you and our other customers via PFA CustomerCapital. This independence also gives you security that we only focus on what serves you and your family best.

Free advisory services concerning health and well-being

PFA Healthcare Hotline is an advice hotline where you can call and receive advice about physical and mental lifestyle changes, e.g., changes in exercise and diet habits, assistance with stopping smoking or stress management.

Professional advisory services concerning inheritance and wills

Inheritance law can be a bit of a minefield. This is why PFA co-operates with two specialists in inheritance law and family law, Lawyers Ulrik Grønborg in Aarhus and Lawyer Per Andreasen in Copenhagen, so that as a PFA customer, you can receive professional help with your will, future power of attorney and similar documents, and also save a minimum of DKK 500 in relation to normal prices (dependent on the scope of the task).

You can order the Will Service through your adviser or PFA’s Advisory Services Centre and not directly from the lawyer.