A large community comes with many advantages


As a customer at PFA, you have more benefits than you might think. Some are of value to you here and now, others you can pass on to your close relatives, and then there are those that are good to know in case you need them later.

It’s all about you

Your money, your life, your pension. It’s all about you, and therefore we are always ready to give you advice on how you can use us in the best way, so you get the most out of your finances.

Advisory services – overall financial overview

Regardless of whether you have a few years’ experience on the labour market or are planning your last years before retirement, or do not pay into your pension at all, you still need an overview and advisory services. At PFA we not only look at pension and insurance plans, but also assets, housing, dreams for your senior life and much more. We will review your situation overall to ensure that you have peace of mind and feel financially secure.

PFA Bank - Invest with PFA at your back

As a PFA customer, you can invest your other savings more favourably in PFA Invest via PFA Bank. You will get access to personal advisory services and get to share knowledge and ideas with specialised investment consultants and the security of investing with a strong investment partner such as PFA at your back.

Webinars - Get tips and inspiration on your couch at home

PFA offers a number of online seminars where you can learn about topics such as finance, inheritance matters or pension planning. Sign up for what you want to know more about and then it’s just a matter of logging in and participating on the day of the webinar.

And of course, your spouse/partner is also welcome to participate so you can be inspired together.

Housing throughout your entire life

Together with PFA’s other customers, you have priority access to the various housing facilities PFA owns. And there are quite a few, so no matter where you are in life, you should have the possibility to live in good and secure settings.

Attractive student housing facilities

At PFA, you have priority access to student housing in the four large Danish university cities where, as a student, it can often be difficult to find a place to live. The student housing facilities in Odense and Aalborg are already completed whereas Copenhagen and Aarhus will be completed in 2024. This is one of the benefits available at PFA which you can use yourself or pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Priority access to rental homes

As a PFA customer, you can sign up for a waiting list and get preferential treatment when it comes to being offered attractive rental housing owned by PFA. We have housing across the whole country and there are many sizes and price levels to choose from.

Homes for senior life

Senior life must be good and secure. As a PFA customer, you have the possibility to sign up for PFA’s various types of senior homes that fulfil the needs and requirements you typically have for a home in your third age.

PFA Private Sector Nursing Homes for you and your close relatives

PFA Private Sector Nursing Home is a privately-owned nursing home to which you have priority access when you are a PFA customer. You can also pass on this priority access to PFA’s Private Sector Nursing Homes to your parents or grandparents.

For a good and secure daily life

It gives you a great sense of security knowing that someone is ready to help if an accident should happen. Or if you just need someone to talk to about your health.

PFA Health Insurance for your family

If you have a PFA Health Insurance and if your children are under 24 years of age, then they are also usually covered. Your spouse, partner or domestic partner can also get the same good PFA Health Insurance as you and, consequently, be on the fast track to examinations and treatments. This is one of your benefits at PFA and it provides security to know that your family is well-covered - and at a favourable price as well.


PFA Health Insurance for people between 60-79 years of age

At PFA you can get an attractive health plan when you are between 60-79 years of age you don’t already have one through your employer. The insurance gives you quick access to examinations and treatment at private hospitals, private clinics and by specialist doctors. Having your pension savings at PFA gives you a good sense of security.

Attractive non-life insurance plans in cooperation with LB Forsikring

As a PFA customer, you can get your foot in the door of LB Forsikring which is normally reserved for selected professional groups. We have made an agreement which gives you access to some of the market’s best home, car, house contents and travel insurance plans and what you may otherwise need of insurance.

Professional advisory services concerning inheritance and wills

One of your benefits at PFA is that you have the possibility to get assistance for making your will, future power of attorney documents and similar documents. We have a cooperation with two specialists in inheritance and family law, the services of which you can get at a discount. They are the attorneys Ulrik Grønborg in Aarhus and Per Andreasen in Copenhagen.

Contact your adviser or PFA’s Advisory Services Centre to hear more about our Will Service.

PFA Healthcare Hotline - Call the Healthcare Hotline and have a chat with us about your health

If you have physical or mental health problems and you need support and help, then PFA Healthcare Hotline is there for you. This is where nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists are ready to listen and to give you advice. Your concerns may be everything from weight, diet and exercise to stress, married life and well-being. You can call anonymously and with no obligation. The dialogue between you and PFA Healthcare Hotline is anonymous for PFA and your employer.

PFA Care - relief for you and your close relatives

Illness and rehabilitation therapy can be a burden - both for the afflicted persons and those around them. An extra option available at PFA is to purchase exclusive relief stays which you pay for but at a special PFA price. This benefit applies to you, your parents or grandparents.