A good senior life

At PFA, we want to create the best framework and assumptions for allowing our customers to realise their dreams of a good senior life and a comfortable life in retirement.

The many options of senior life

Whether you want to spend your life as a senior having more time with your family, travelling, doing more sports, changing homes or continuing to work, it is first and foremost about having the opportunity to do so. 

This is why we at PFA find it so important to focus on the good senior life and to contribute to creating the best conditions for a good life in the third age via our work, advisory services and the customer offers we have. 

Together with our customers, we have put The Good Senior Life into pictures and words. In this video, you will meet Gitte who, due to good advisory services and a savings plan with PFA, is in a position to live out her dreams in her third age. From the tennis court, Peter speaks about the importance of remaining active and having the opportunity to receive treatment via his Health Insurance for seniors. We are visiting a senior co-housing community and then we focus on the many seniors who want to retain some sort of attachment to the labour market.


Live a good life for the whole of your life

Many factors influence a good senior life and how you succeed in forming a good everyday life in the 3rd age. At PFA, we especially target three areas, which we find are essential: The transition from working life to retirement, Health and quality of life and New housing types for the 3rd age.

From working life to life as a pensioner 

For many, it can be challenging to plan a good late-life career and thereby manage the transition from working life to life as a pensioner. This applies to both employees and employers. Most employees will have no experience with this, and people’s individual needs will be different. More and more want to have a gradual retirement process, and many actually also want to keep working to some extent while they are pensioners. 

At PFA, we assist with planning for retirement and together with a number of companies we have developed new solutions via the ‘Studie 60+’ network.      


Health and quality of life

An active senior life in good health means a lot. With focus on a healthy life where both the mind and body are doing well, we are facing a future with a growing number of elderly and a growing demand for more welfare. At PFA, we want to be part of ensuring that our customers can get the help and treatment that they need so that getting older does not have to mean a lower quality of life. Therefore, we have developed a number of products such as a Health Insurance for seniors to support this.

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New types of housing for the third age

At PFA, we want to create the best conditions and opportunities for our customers to live as they would like during their senior years. Among other things, this is one of the reasons why PFA builds senior homes, senior co-housing communities and private sector nursing homes to which PFA’s customers have preferential access. We have also developed PFA Seniorboligstandard™ (PFA Senior Housing Standard), which includes a number of elements that seniors need and appreciate in their homes.

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How would you like to live as a senior?

In 2040, 25 per cent of the Danish population will be over the age of 65, and this will make new demands on our housing and the way we live and work. This is the focal point of PFA’s Think Tank - The New 3rd Age, which has come up with 33 concrete recommendations for how we can adjust ourselves and society to the future senior life.

You can read more about the Think Tank’s recommendations here

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