Our approach to corporate responsibility

In the PFA customer community, we want to contribute to a safer and more sustainable society

PFA was founded to increase financial security for our customers and their families. We are a customer community created by employees and employers. It all started in an flat in Copenhagen more than 100 years ago, and now we are Denmark’s largest commercial pension company with about 1.3 million customers throughout the country. So, we might be bigger today, but our values remain the same. We do not have to make profits for shareholders or other owners. The value we create is passed on to our customers.

Since day one, we have increased financial security in Denmark, and today we also contribute to health and well-being. We work to create optimum frameworks for senior life, and as one of Europe’s largest pension companies, we actively engage in the green transition. In the PFA community, we wish to contribute to a safer and more sustainable society.

Below you can read more about how we make a difference in the four strategic focus areas: Financial security, Green transition, Health and A good senior life. You can also read about how we work to reduce negative and promote positive impacts across our business, including in relation to suppliers, customers, employees, investments and partnerships. 

Read more about our four focus areas:
Read more about our initiatives across our business:

Organisation of our commitment to corporate responsibility

We want corporate responsibility and sustainability to be an integral part of everything we do at PFA. This is reflected in our organisation, where initiatives are implemented in all parts of the business, and decision-making authority and responsibility for realisation lie with our Executive Management and Board of Directors.

Below you can see how we have integrated our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability into PFA.

 Board of Directors

Sets the overall strategic direction for corporate responsibility and sustainability at PFA, including approval of strategic initiatives and goals.


Is the preparatory body for strategic decisions in relation to PFA’s approach to sustainability.

Audit Committee

Oversees and reviews the sustainability reporting and related auditor’s report,
and checks and monitors that the auditor making the report is independent.

Investment Committee

Addresses potential investments, investment strategy and investment policies, including corporate responsibility.

Remuneration Committee

Ensures that remuneration is in line with PFA’s business strategy, objectives, values and long-term interests.

 Executive Board

Determines PFA’s approach to corporate responsibility and ensures that it is complied with. Monitors the ongoing progress of the implementation of the corporate responsibility work and has the overall responsibility for ensuring that initiatives are realised.

 Corporate Responsibility Department

Advises the Executive Board on corporate responsibility and coordinates the implementation of initiatives across PFA and drives selected cross-functional initiatives. Reports to the CEO of PFA on the day-to-day corporate responsibility work.

 The business units at PFA

Relevant units across PFA are responsible for developing and implementing specific sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives in close co-operation with the Corporate Responsibility Department. 

Reports, policies and guidelines

If you want to read more, you can find our reports, policies and guidelines by using the link below.

Questions about corporate responsibility?

If you have questions concerning PFA’s work with corporate responsibility, you are welcome to contact us at CRPFA@pfa.dk.