A good senior life

– now and in future

A good senior life – now and in future

PFA works to create a framework that enables our customers to live a healthy and active senior life – also after they stop working.
We do so by developing products and solutions for the benefit of our customers and by taking part in the public debate, relevant networks and regulatory tasks.

We especially focus on three areas which we believe are crucial for a good life in the third age:
The transition from working life to retirement, Health and quality of life and New housing types for the third age.

The transition from working life to retirement

Many people find it challenging to plan a fulfilling late career and thus the transition from working life to retirement. This goes for employees as well as employers. Most employees do not have experience in this field, and the needs differ from person to person. A growing number of people prefer a gradual retirement, and many would also like a limited form of work during retirement.

PFA helps with retirement planning, and, together with a number of companies in the network Studie 60+, we have developed new solutions.      


Health and quality of life

We are engaged in improving the conditions for employees on the labour market who are physically and mentally worn out and in how welfare should be structured in the future when we look at a society with an increasing number of seniors and a growing demand for more welfare. We have developed a number of products that support this - among others senior health insurance.       


New housing types for the third age

We take an active part in solving the increasing demand for senior-friendly housing and co-housing. Among other things, we have developed Seniorboligstandard™, which is a housing standard that covers a number of elements that future seniors will need, and we have started the construction of several types of senior housing. We have also begun the first construction of a new senior co-housing concept.       

We take part in the development of society

The three focus areas were also the focal point of the Think Tank – The New 3rd Age, which, in 2018, gave 33 specific recommendations
for how we can develop society to match the senior life of the future. The think tank was initiated by PFA to re-think the framework towards 2040,
by when we will see markedly more seniors. We now work to implement these recommendations in society.

We do so by, among other things, proposing solutions for an aging workforce and bringing our knowledge
into play with companies, ministerial work groups and in the public debate in general.