PFA in brief

PFA is a pension company, but we are much more than that. We exist to serve our customers, and our ambition is to create sustainability today for a good life tomorrow. That is why corporate responsibility is part of our DNA. Beyond creating value for our customers, we also want to contribute to creating a sustainable society. Today, we have more than 1.3 million customers and 6,000 corporate and organisational customers.

Five good reasons to choose PFA

Our pledge to our customers is: “More for you.” And we keep this promise by working to ensure that your pension savings grow and by offering insurance plans, savings plans for private customers and a number of solutions that address healthcare and housing.




1. We share the profits with you

We are an independent company that was founded in 1917 by the labour market operators to create mobility in the Danish labour market and ensure pensions for those no longer able to work. The core of our business model is that we have a financial partnership with our customers, meaning that the clear majority of the value that we create is returned to our customers. This is done via CustomerCapital, which is PFA Pension’s model for sharing profits and risks.



2. You will get a qualified recommendation

As a customer-owned company, we take on the responsibility for ensuring that our customers get the solution that best matches their needs. We do so by committing to always use our knowledge and experience to give you a qualified recommendation. This applies whether we meet with you in a pension consultation, speak over the phone or are in contact via our digital channels.



3. Your money will be hooked up to a strong investment motor

With over DKK 600 billion in customer funds, we are the largest commercial pension company in Denmark and among the largest in Europe. Our size gives us access to high-quality investment competences and attractive investment opportunities. Similarly, we can keep our costs low due to our economies of scale and the fact that we do not have owners for whom we need to generate profits.  

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Good returns and responsibility are increasingly becoming each other’s prerequisites - especially in the long run. Therefore, we are focused on investing your savings responsibly and contributing to a sustainable and positive societal development. And if you want your savings to be invested in an even more climate-friendly way, you can choose to invest your savings to PFA Climate Plus.



4. We are working to boost your health and quality of life

Our obligations to our customers go beyond the financial aspects. Over the years, we have built up a massive amount of experience and competences in the healthcare area, and we make this available to our customers and contribute to the societal debate. In our strategy for health at the workplace, we are focused on preventive measures and early intervention using approaches such as proactively contacting employees who are partially or fully absent due to illness. We can see that our solutions result in faster recovery from illnesses and this benefits the individual, the company and society at large.


5. Sustainability today for a good life tomorrow

PFA is working with corporate responsibility and sustainability in investments, working life and senior life. We prioritise flexibility and freedom of choice - both when it comes to investing savings, planning your working life and planning your senior life. However, it is not just when you are a customer who is active on the labour market that we care about your quality of life. We also care about your quality of life as a pensioner. Therefore, among other things, we also offer health insurance plans and housing to seniors who are customers of PFA Pension.

Selected key figures (2022)

  • DKK 46.2 billion in payments 
  • DKK 32.4 billion in payments
  • DKK -128 million in annual result before tax excl. minority interests’ share
  • DKK -371 million in annual result after tax
  • DKK 5.9 billion in equity
  • DKK 30.5 billion in PFA CustomerCapital
  • DKK 44.0 billion in capital base for PFA Pension
  • DKK 36.4 billion in capital base for PFA Holding
  • 208 per cent in solvency ratio for PFA Pension (II)
  • 170 per cent in solvency ratio for PFA Holding (II)
  • DKK 736 billion in balance sheet total
  • Approximately 1.3 million customers
  • 1,587 employees, the percentage of women is 49
  • 442 tonnes carbon emissions in PFA (Scope 1)
  • 41 tonnes carbon emissions in PFA (Scope 2)
  • 6 tonnes carbon-e per DKKm invested in listed equities in carbon-e footprint
  • 22 per cent lower carbon footprint from the equity portfolio in all equities compared to the world index
  • 75 per cent lower carbon footprint from the equity portfolio in PFA Climate Plus compared to the world index
  • 17,649 gigajoules in energy consumption
  • 59 per cent of energy consumption is from renewable energy