PFA in brief

PFA is a pension company, but we are so much more than that. Besides pension and insurance plans, we also offer savings options for private customers and several solutions within health, housing etc. We are owned by our customers and were founded in 1917 to ensure people in Denmark the freedom to live the life that they want. This is why part of our DNA is to contribute to positive developments in society. Today, we have more than 1.3 million customers and 6000 corporate and organisational customers; and we are working hard every day to live up to our customer pledge: More for you.

Four reasons to choose PFA

It is our ambition to ensure that people in Denmark have the freedom to live their lives. We do this by working to make your pension savings grow, but also by offering such things as insurance cover, savings plans for private customers and various products within health and housing, among other things. All of this is done in order to live up to our customer pledge: More for you. 

Here are four good reasons to choose PFA:


We share profits with you

We are an independent company with a business model that makes it possible for us to create more value for our customers.

We were founded by the labour market players in 1917 in order to create mobility in the Danish labour market and to ensure people in Denmark the freedom to live the lives they want. Because we were not established to benefit our owners, the greater part of the value we create will be returned to the customers. This is the very core of our business model.


You will get a qualified recommendation

For many people, there is a great difference between how important pension is, and how interesting they find it. This makes our role particularly important.

As the customers' company, we take responsibility for finding the solution that suits you best as a customer. We do this by consistently transforming our knowledge and experience into qualified recommendations for you. This applies regardless of whether we meet you at a consultation, over the phone or through our digital channels.


Your money will be linked to a strong investment engine

With customer funds of more than DKK 600 billion under management, we are the largest commercial pension company in Denmark – and rank among the largest pension companies in Europe. Our size allows us to manage your money in the best way possible.

As a customer, your investments are handled by possibly the best investment team in the sector. We can plan the right strategy, conclude the best deals and keep your expenses at a minimum.

Finally, it is part of our DNA to be a responsible player in society. This means that you, as a customer, can rest assure that your savings are invested responsibly and contribute to a positive development in society - while growing them at the same time.


We are engaged in your health and your quality of life

Our obligations to our customers reach beyond the financial aspect. Over the years, we have acquired solid experience and profound competences within the health area, and we make these available to our customers and the public debate. In our strategy for health at the workplace, we especially focus on preventive measures and early intervention. We can see that our solutions result in shorter courses of illness - which benefits the individual, the company and society.

However, we do not only care about your quality of life when you are in the labour market. We also care when you retire. Therefore, we offer health insurance plans, rental housing and IT support, among other things, for seniors who are customers with PFA Pension.

Selected key figures (2020)

  • Total payments: DKK 40.7 billion
  • Payouts: DKK 24 billion
  • Net profit for the year before tax: DKK 231 million
  • Net profit for the year after tax: DKK 180 million
  • Equity: DKK 8.3 billion
  • Customer Capital: DKK 33.3 billion
  • Capital base for PFA Pension: DKK 43.2 billion
  • Capital base for PFA Holding: DKK 27.1 billion
  • Solvency ratio for PFA Pension (Solvency II): 278 %
  • Solvency ratio for PFA Holding (Solvency II): 171 %
  • Total assets: DKK 730 billion
  • Approx. 1.3 million individual customers
  • 1,396 employees