PFA in Brief

PFA in brief

PFA is a pension company, but we are so much more than that. In addition to pension and insurance plans, we also offer savings plans for individual customers as well as a number of solutions within health and housing, etc. We are owned by our customers, and were founded in 1917 to ensure people in Denmark the freedom to live the life that they want. This is why part of our DNA is to contribute to positive developments in society. Today, we have more than 1.2 million individual customers, and we are working hard every day to live up to our customer promise: More for you.

The four cornerstones of PFA’s value creation

PFA’s business model is built on four cornerstones that form the basis of PFA’s value creation and ensure maximum profit for our customers.


PFA and CustomerCapital

PFA Pension has a unique model for sharing profit and risk, which makes it possible to return profit to the customers. This is possible through PFA CustomerCapital. When a customer pays to a savings plan, 5 % of the payments go to the customer’s CustomerCapital. CustomerCapital provides the possibility of obtaining a high return. CustomerCapital is meant to cover if PFA Pension suffers a loss, and therefore CustomerCapital may decrease and, in the worst case, be exhausted. Customers may deselect CustomerCapital, but already accumulated CustomerCapital cannot be converted into regular savings.


PFA is independent

Being an independent pension company allows PFA to give top priority to the customers’ interests. Both when it comes to distributing profit through CustomerCapital and to advising the customers on their pension options. Finally, being independent also allows PFA the investment freedom needed to generate the strongest investment returns – and PFA is the only pension company in Denmark to have generated positive investment returns every year since 2001.


PFA and economies of scale

With more than DKK 500 billion under management and approximately 1.2 million individual customers, PFA is the largest commercial pension company in Denmark. This means that we can keep costs low, that we have access to attractive investment options as well as that we are able to attract some of the best investment experts in the country.


PFA is market-oriented

PFA’s business model has been developed with the purpose of performing well in a competitive market characterised by a strong focus on the ability to deliver the best investment returns, products and services. Through a constant market-oriented approach and an ongoing dialogue with our customers, PFA continues to offer the best pension and service solutions on the market.

Selected key figures (2017)

  • Total payments: DKK 34.1 billion
  • Payouts: DKK 21.3 billion
  • Net profit for the year before tax: DKK 399 million
  • Net profit for the year after tax: DKK 247 million
  • Equity: DKK 7.7 billion
  • Customer Capital: DKK 31.4 billion
  • Capital base for PFA Pension: DKK 37.5 billion
  • Capital base for PFA Holding: DKK 23.8 billion
  • Solvency ratio for PFA Pension (Solvency II): 215 %
  • Solvency ratio for PFA Holding (Solvency II): 134 %
  • Balance sheet total: DKK 596 billion
  • Approx. 1.2 million individual customers
  • Approx. 1,296 employees