PFA Pension is owned by PFA Holding A/S, and the Group’s history dates back to 1917.

The share capital of the parent company PFA Holding amounts to DKK 1 million, and the maximum dividend distributable by the company is 5 % of the share capital, equalling DKK 50,000. In this way, the ownership structure supports PFA’s objective to create the greatest possible value for its customers.

In PFA, we look to our customers for advice. This is why we have a Customer Board consisting of 70 executive employees from our largest corporate customers, who make sure that PFA is in touch with the customers’ needs and requirements.

The shareholders of PFA Holding are the PFA Foundation and other shareholders which primarily comprise the founding organisations from 1917, whose members and employees are for the main part customers in PFA. The PFA Foundation donates money to activities that benefit both existing and retired PFA employees.

PFA Holding's Board of Directors is identical to PFA Pension's Board of Directors.


The Customer Board

In order to provide a forum for dialogue with the customers, PFA has set up a customer board. Its purpose is to act as a guiding body for PFA and it consists of a number of PFA's largest corporate and organisational customers. PFA consults the customer board with regard to their needs and wishes as well as involve the board in our development and new initiatives.

PFA Asset Management

PFA Asset Management is a subsidiary of the PFA Group. The company is authorised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to carry out asset management on behalf of PFA Pension, PFA Kapitalforening, Investeringsforeningen PFA Invest and other professional investors.

PFA Asset Management manages all the daily functions in relation to PFA Kapitalforening and Investeringsforeningen PFA Invest. The company manages the investments for one of Denmark’s largest pension companies: PFA Pension. This entails a special obligation to create long-term value for our customers in a responsible manner.

The divisions in PFA Kapitalforening are open to contributions from external professional investors after prior approval by the Board of Directors of PFA Kapitalforening.

The divisions in Investeringsforeningen PFA Invest are open to contributions from private individuals and others with an interest in strengthening their savings through an investment fund. Parts of the divisions are admitted for trading on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and can be acquired through all Danish banks as well as through online banking.

If you want to file a complaint, please contact Torben Hansen

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PFA Ejendomme

Investment strategy
The PFA Group invests in properties both in Denmark and abroad.

PFA Ejendomme invests in properties with the purpose of increasing the diversification in PFA’s total investment portfolio and thereby ensuring the customers the best possible long-term and stable return.

As at 31 December 2017, PFA’s property investments totalled approximately DKK 54 billion.
Danish business properties
As at 31 December 2017, PFA Ejendomme’s portfolio of business properties included more than 70 business properties. The properties are primarily used for office space and administration purposes.

Newsec Datea A/S is in charge of all operation and maintenance of the Danish business properties in PFA Ejendomme.

The market segment is Danish and international companies as well as public lessees who want well-situated quality properties from a professional lessor.

At PFA Ejendomme’s website, you can find a list of currently vacant leases (in Danish only).

PFA Rental Housing
A part of the strategy is to invest in rental housing. Investments are made in both new constructions and existing properties with ideal locations.

As at 31 December 2017, the portfolio included 42 housing properties with 1,425 leases in existing and newly built properties in and surrounding Copenhagen, Hillerød and Aalborg as well as approximately 600 leases under construction in Copenhagen, Hillerød, Horsens, Vejle and Silkeborg, among others.

PFA Policyholders are able to register for a rental unit on My PFA (Mit PFA)

Foreign property investments
PFA Ejendomme manages PFA’s investments in foreign properties. The investments are primarily made as indirect investments in property funds, but are also made as direct investments by way of co-investments.

Focus on the foreign investments is primarily directed at Pan European countries, the UK, the US and Asia.

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