A healthier working life

PFA aims to help our customers create a healthy working life, both now and in the future. A healthy working life is a life in balance. The focus is on well-being, preventive measures, support and treatment when your life takes an unfortunate turn. This benefits individuals, but also companies/organisations and society at large, which need healthy and productive workers.

Health is your body’s wealth

We spend a very large part of our lives at work. At the same time, in many ways our working life and private life have become intertwined. Both have a major influence on how we feel.

Therefore, at PFA we have a strong focus on creating the best frameworks for a healthy working life for our customers. Both physically and mentally. Solutions that are based on a strong community and targeted initiatives.

We do this by being there for our individual customers and providing them with access to relevant health offers and insurance cover. At the same time, we are also working with our many corporate and organisational customers to create the best frameworks for a good working life for them and their employees.

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A good and healthy life is a mutual responsibility

At PFA, we want to do our share to show the way to a good and healthy everyday life. We do so with focus on you as a PFA customer and on the good working relationship we have with our many corporate and organisational customers. This is, among other things, reflected here.



A strategic health partnership boosts the entire organisation

We work with a lot of companies and organisations to raise the general state of health of their employees to a strategic level, so that it does not just include the health of individuals, but all vital components of a company’s health initiatives in order to create an organisation with high productivity and thriving employees.
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More than 100,000 courses of treatment per year

Each year, the more than 50 employees at PFA’s Health Centre initiate more than 100,000 courses of treatment to help customers get the help they need. For example, this is done when customers use their PFA Health Insurance which allows them to quickly be checked up and receive treatment from hospitals, clinics and specialist doctors.

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Early intervention makes a difference

As the number of people on long-term sick leave grows, PFA has made a massive effort to help customers who are absent due to illness as early in their course of illness as possible. PFA EarlyCare is intended to help customers who are absent due to sickness or at risk of being so, and who are often facing an overwhelming situation and depend on advisory services and treatment. In this context, PFA has increasingly begun to reach out proactively to customers and this has yielded really good results.

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Overview of PFA’s health offers

Your PFA pension plan typically includes one or more types of insurance products that cover you in case you fall ill or are injured. This kind of security is good to have in your daily life, since with a financial safety net, you can spend your energy on what is most important when you are in an unfortunate situation. Here, you can get an overview of our different types of insurance plans so that you know when and how you are covered.

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