About PFA Brug Livet Fonden

Dedicated individuals spend their time helping others who are struggling through life. This work deserves recognition and support.
In 2009, PFA therefore established the foundation PFA Brug Livet Fonden with the purpose of financially backing causes that help others to live life and create awareness about the causes. Since its establishment, the foundation has each year supported a range of charitable causes.

Who can apply?

Once a year, the foundation opens up for nominations. During this period, we encourage all dedicated individuals to nominate their cause and send us a description. In order for your case to be taken into consideration, the following requirements must be met:

  • the money does not go to the organiser, but to a cause where someone does something good for others
  • the cause is not of commercial, political or religious nature
  • the cause has been initiated before the nomination period starts. 

How the causes are selected

The vote takes place on the foundation's website www.pfabruglivetfonden.dk (in Danish only), and anyone can vote on the causes that they believe should receive support. By the end of the vote, the foundation’s board of directors selects the causes of the year among the causes that received the most votes. This means that the cause that receives the most votes is not necessarily ensured support from the foundation.

The causes of the year are published at PFA Brug Livet Fonden’s Facebook page, and the winners will be contacted directly.

PFA Brug Livet Fonden’s board of directors consists of:

  • Chairman of the Board, PFA, Peder Hasslev (chairman)
  • Professor Bjørn Nørgaard, sculptor
  • Allan Polack, Group CEO, PFA
  • Lone Engberg Thomsen, Previous Chairman, The Danish Association of Professional Technicians (Teknisk Landsforbund)
  • Torben Dalby Larsen, previous Chairman of the Board, PFA