PFA Healthcare Hotline

PFA Healthcare Hotline is a health insurance feature which offers you advice and guidance over the phone regarding questions related to your everyday life. The advisers will be ready to provide assistance regarding issues of well-being, stress, personal crises, changes in life style, serious illness, death or substance abuse that relate to your working life as well as your private life. The advisers at the Healthcare Hotline all have a health professional background, and they can help you with physical, mental and social problems – whether they are large or small.

You can call the Healthcare Hotline at (+45) 70 12 50 00 on Monday to Thursday from 8:30 to 16:00 and on Fridays from 9:00 to 16:00.

PFA Health Insurance

PFA Health Insurance gives you access to quick treatment, surgery or rehabilitation if you experience pain, fall ill or get injured.

You can register your children below age 21 for your health insurance to ensure that they will have the same advantageous treatment options that you have. Children’s cover is paid by Rambøll. Please ask your HR coordinator for a registration form.

Your spouse or domestic partner can also take out PFA Health Insurance at an advantageous price. Your partner’s health insurance plan is payable annually through Betalingsservice. Please call PFA’s Advisory Services Centre at (+45) 70 12 50 00 to get a registration form for your partner.

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Online Doctor

As part of PFA Health Insurance, you can now get medical advice from a general practitioner via video, phone or email all weekdays from 8:00 - 22:00 and during weekends/holidays from 8:00 - 18:00. The medical advice is provided by Hejdoktor and any spouse/domestic partner as well as children under the age of 24 will also have access.

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PFA EarlyCare

If you have a PFA Occupational Capacity insurance plan with PFA, you can get help by calling PFA EarlyCare at (+45) 70 12 50 00 if you become full-time or part-time absent on sick leave.

With PFA EarlyCare, you have access to help and guidance from PFA’s social and healthcare specialists on, for example, stress or other health issues. PFA will help you clarify your state of health and assess whether early intervention will help you return to work sooner. 

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PFA Critical Illness

With PFA Critical Illness, you qualify for a tax-free payout if you are diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the insurance.

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As a starting point, your critical illness cover amounts to DKK 150.000 You can increase your cover to a maximum of DKK 750,000. How you spend the money is up to you – you can for instance spend it on extra personal care, extra treatment, a recuperation stay or alterations to your home.

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Terminal illness cover provides extra security if you are diagnosed with an incurable illness

Your critical illness cover has been extended with a terminal illness cover. This means that you will also receive a payout in case of an incurable critical progressing illness where life expectancy is less than a year. This means that the payout is not conditional upon a diagnosis that is covered by the insurance.

Add Children's cover to your insurance plan

You can choose to add children’s cover to your Critical Illness cover, which entails that you will receive a tax-free lump sum if your children below the age of 21 are diagnosed with an illness covered by the insurance.

PFA Occupational Capacity

If you fall ill and become unable to work, you may be eligible for regular payouts. Your overall occupational capacity must be reduced to half or less, and your earnings must be reduced by minimum 10 per cent to make you qualified for regular payouts due to reduced occupational capacity. The insurance cover will be paid out regularly until your occupational capacity is improved, however, no longer than until you reach the agreed retirement age.
The size of your coverage is a fixed percentage of your salary. If you have PFA Occupational Capacity with automatic adjustment, the coverage percentage will be adjusted to your salary level on a regular basis. If your salary level increases, your coverage percentage will automatically be increased, and correspondingly reduced if your salary level decreases. The insurance plan tops up to a maximum of 100 per cent of your salary excl. labour market contribution etc. You may change your level of coverage, so that the insurance plan will top up to a maximum of 80 per cent of your salary excl. labour market contribution.

If you are not covered by automatic adjustment, you will, as a rule, have a coverage corresponding to 40 per cent your salary, and you have access to reduce the coverage to 15 percent and to increase it to 80 per cent of your salary.

If you are employed in a flex job, you can receive regular payouts that, as a rule, let you keep your previous salary level. The payout is conditional on your compliance with the described conditions of payout, and the payout cannot exceed the size of cover provided by your insurance plan.

As part of your PFA Occupational Capacity, you have the possibility of receiving increased regular payouts if you enter a job assessment or job rehabilitation programme through your local authority and meet the other conditions of payout. The increased payout consists in a payout, which corresponds to the set-off from the public authorities, which is made in connection with the mentioned programmes, and a payout from PFA Occupational Capacity – regular payouts. The increased payout cannot exceed your previous salary exclusive of labour market contribution and the payments to your pension plan which are covered by payment protection cover. If you have selected a level of coverage of 80 per cent, the extended payout cannot, however, exceed 80 per cent.

If you are covered by the automatic adjustment of PFA Occupational Capacity, the possibility of receiving the increased payout when job rehabilitation benefit has been granted will automatically be discontinued in your plan if your salary level is under a certain level (at present, DKK 160,000 or less), and correspondingly be linked to your plan if the salary level exceeds the limit. 

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Payment protection cover offers extra security

Your occupational capacity insurance also includes payment protection cover, which ensures that your pension plan will continue while you receive payouts from PFA Occupational Capacity. This means that PFA Occupational Capacity, PFA Critical Illness and PFA Life will continue, and, in addition, that PFA will pay for a part of the payments. This way, you can keep your insurance cover and continue saving for retirement.

Add a lump sum as part of your insurance plan

You can choose to purchase an extra insurance cover that ensures you a lump sum if your occupational capacity is permanently reduced by 2/3 or more. You will receive the payout when your occupational capacity has been reduced for 12 months. You can select a cover up to 200 per cent of your salary.

PFA Life

PFA Life is a life insurance plan that secures your dependants financially if you pass away before retirement. As a starting point, PFA Life will be paid out to your ‘next of kin’.

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As a starting point, the payout is a tax-free lump sum amounting to 100 per cent of your salary, min. DKK 350,000, but you can choose to increase your coverage to 800 per cent of your salary.

Generally, PFA recommends that you select a level of insurance cover that allows your family to maintain its standard of living for up to four years.

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Children's pension - extra security for your children

Your life insurance also offers the opportunity of including children’s pension, which ensures your children below the age of 24 an annual payout if you pass away before retirement. The payouts will be considered personal income for the children.

You can increase the cover to a maximum of 25 per cent of your salary. PFA recommends that you choose a level of insurance cover that falls with the limit of your children’s tax exemption cards, so that they will not have to pay tax on the payouts.


Who should receive your money when you are no longer here? If you have appointed a beneficiary on the former plan, and if you want to transfer this appointment to the new plan, then you need to complete a new beneficiary declaration.