Partnering with PFA

A PFA pension solution is more than just an employee benefit. A pension solution can be an asset that supports your business strategy. When teaming up with PFA, the aim of the pension agreement is to create the greatest possible value for your company and your employees.

Getting maximum value from your pension plan

In our experience, it pays to consider what your particular company wants to get out of its pension plan in order to maximise the value of the plan. By defining a clear pension policy, a pension plan can be an important part of achieving your commercial targets. 
A pension policy can influence many important in-house and external factors, such as health, job satisfaction, employee turnover, sickness absence, business ethics, employee attraction, corporate responsibility, value creation, etc.

A valuable partnership

A partnership with PFA means that you can draw on our long-standing expertise and knowledge as one of Denmark's largest suppliers of corporate pension plans. We function as a trusted adviser that underpins your value creation both proactively and upon request.

A pension solution should always follow the market, social and business trends. In our view, one of our most important missions is to ensure that your pension plan lives up to the market standards and also meets the requirements set by you and your employees.

PFA recommends a complete solution

PFA Plus is a complete pension solution that offers both savings and insurance cover in one package. With PFA Plus, your employees' savings are invested at the market rate of interest in a flexible investment concept, and the risk will gradually be reduced as they approach retirement.