Advisory services

Advisory services from PFA provide your employees with expert advice on potential adjustments to their pension plan based on their individual needs. A pension plan should reflect the employee’s life situation in order for the employees to get the most out of their pension plans.

A pension consultation step by step

In a busy working environment, we know that it can be a challenge to find time for the employees’ pension consultations. With online advisory services, the consultation takes place over the phone and on the employee’s computer.

  1. The employee books a pension consultation either through the booking portal at the company's intranet or by completing a form here at
  2. The employee is invited to forward certain information before the consultation - e.g. tax-related matters and other financial information. The employee will then receive offers based on this information.
  3. The employee prepares for the consultation, for instance by using My PFA.
  4. During the pension consultation, we use interactive tools that combine the identification of needs with qualified recommendations.