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We help your employees return to work quickly

It is no longer enough to take action once the damage has been done. Together with health experts and you, we will focus on early intervention and a holistic approach. This will increase productivity and is less costly, which benefits your employees, your company and society at large.

How PFA EarlyCare can help your employees

If an employee is absent due to sickness or at risk of being so, they can call PFA EarlyCare and talk to us so that we can see if we can offer assistance with treatments. Experience shows that early intervention can minimise the risk of the illness developing into long-term sickness absence. The employee can have an appointed personal Health Guide who will follow the individual employee closely and provide support through conversations, and supplement with treatment options if required. The Health Guide follows the person throughout the course of treatment.


Important advice and feedback for HR and managers

When an employee falls ill, it may prompt a lot of questions. PFA EarlyCare’s social and health professional Health Guides can help you with answers and are ready to provide managers as well as HR staff with advice and feedback. The purpose is to help the employee return to work in a safe, quick and stable way.

We are here to help

This is the basic idea behind PFA EarlyCare and the early intervention. Most people find it chaotic when serious illness strikes. It affects the life of the individual. It affects the family life. It affects the working life. At the same time, it is hard to handle all parties involved in the course of illness. Thus, PFA EarlyCare represents the heart or anchor point that helps the individual customer navigate and arrange a reliable course of treatment which will help the customer recover as soon as possible.  This way, we reduce the period of sickness absence and occupational incapacity for the individual employee.

Here you can meet a customer who got help, and two PFA EarlyCare employees who tell about their job.

It is important to feel heard and understood
A good day's work means making a difference

Get advice and feedback

If you need advice and feedback to help employees at risk of being absent due to sickness or to help employees on sick leave return to work, please contact PFA EarlyCare at (+45) 70 80 90 30.

Call my colleague

Does your colleague need help? Our Health Guides are ready by the phone.

Complete the form and we will then contact you as soon as possible. We will make the call on the following weekday at the latest.

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