PFA Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking can be difficult. Since more companies and employees want to become smoke-free, we are experiencing an increasing demand for a quality solution that provides flexible and targeted help to employees who want to quit smoking. We have therefore developed PFA Quit Smoking which is based on the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s most recent recommendations. This ensures a higher degree of success than conventional quit smoking programmes.

What is PFA Quit Smoking?

With PFA Quit Smoking, all treatments and help to quit smoking are gathered under one umbrella. This makes it fast and easy for employees to get the help they need and also increases the probability of their succeeding in quitting smoking. PFA Quit Smoking follows the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s recommendation on treatment for quitting smoking, which is a combination of professional advice and approved medicine. This combination provides the highest probability of a lasting result. Part of the programme for employees includes access to a quit smoking hotline where they can get help from advisers, psychologists and specialist doctors to quit smoking.

PFA Quit Smoking includes:
  • Individual programmes to quit smoking
  • Assistance from professionals, such as:
    • Advice on how to quit smoking and which nicotine replacement products can be used 
    • Explaining physical and mental nicotine withdrawal symptoms
    • Prescribing medicine against nicotine addiction and smoking-related illnesses
    • Following up on stress and mental symptoms
  • Up to four sessions lasting approx. 20 minutes by video or telephone
  • Information and counselling are available via (

PFA Quit Smoking also covers dependency on chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and other products containing nicotine.

43.6 per cent have quit smoking after 24 weeks of treatment*

In 2019, 11 per cent of smokers participating in conventional quit smoking programmes stopped smoking. According to research results from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, 22.4 per cent of the smokers quit smoking after 12 weeks of treatment with medicine to help them stop smoking and 43.6 per cent quit after 24 weeks of treatment with medicine to help them stop smoking. This type of treatment is therefore much more successful than conventional methods for quitting smoking.

Lee. John H et al. A longer course of Varenicline therapy improves smoking cessation rates. Preventive Cardiology, 2008, 210-2014.
Tonstad S et al. Effect of maintenance therapy with varenicline on smoking cessation. A randomized controlled trial. JAMA,2006;296::64-71

What does PFA Quit Smoking cost?

Each programme costs DKK 3,000, which is collectively invoiced every quarter. Using the PFA Quit Smoking programme is tax-free for the employee. However, he or she must pay for the purchase of nicotine replacement products and medicine to quit smoking.