PFA Plus

PFA Plus has been developed for companies that want to offer their employees a complete and up-to-date pension plan. It includes savings and insurance cover all in one package – creating great value for both the employees and the company.

4 strong reasons to choose PFA Plus

9 of the C20 companies already opt for PFA Plus



High returns

The savings are invested at the market rate of interest, allowing for a potentially higher return than a traditional pension plan.

Year after year, PFA has generated some of the highest returns in the industry.

The individual employee can decide how his or her savings should be invested.


Low costs

PFA Plus is a framework agreement, which lets your company benefit from economies of scale, such as low administrative costs and insurance prices, leaving more for savings.


Reliable insurance cover

Occupational capacity insurance, critical illness insurance and life insurance are included.

Additional insurance cover can be selected by both the company and the individual employee.



PFA Plus can be adapted to suit individual wishes and needs at both company and employee levels.

Simple and intelligible communication creates an easy overview.

Excellent self-service options make the plan easy to administer and use.

Well-designed implementation process.

Pension savings and investment in PFA Plus

Your employees must live on their pension savings when they retire some day. Therefore, PFA has a strong focus on maximising the value of their savings. PFA Plus offers your employees a combination of freedom of choice and the possibility of high returns.

PFA Plus – an opportunity for higher returns

In PFA Plus, the savings are invested in the market rate environment because we believe that this allows for greater returns than savings based on a fixed rate of interest (average interest rate). This is unmistakably proven by the development in recent years with PFA generating some of the highest returns in the industry.

Flexible investment concept

In our experience, the employees want to influence the investment of their savings, and they feel more secure when the investments are in keeping with their risk appetite. Therefore, the investment concept in PFA Plus is designed to fit the employees’ different attitudes to risk. The concept includes four investment profiles with different risk levels and different return potentials. In all four investment profiles, the risk is gradually reduced as the employee approaches retirement. Also, the employee has the option of managing the investments him or herself with You Invest.

Risk reduction:


Risk reduction

Insurance cover in PFA Plus

A complete pension solution also includes a reliable insurance package. PFA Plus allows the company to choose from a range of insurance plans that offer the employees everything from preventive initiatives to insurance in the event of an illness or an accident. The insurance plans benefit the employees as well as the company’s bottom line.

As a starting point, PFA Plus includes the following insurance plans

  • PFA Occupational Capacity
  • PFA Critical Illness
  • PFA Life

In addition, the company can choose to add the health insurance plans

  • PFA Health Insurance
  • PFA Preventive Care

You can also offer your employees a professional quit smoking programme via PFA Quit Smoking.

PFA’s Health Centre offers advice to sick employees

Every day, PFA’s Health Centre answers the employees’ health-related questions.

Healthcare professionals offer advice on patients’ rights and social rights, making the course of treatment as efficient as possible.

The objective is to get employees back to work as quickly as possible in order to minimise sickness absence. PFA Claims Centre supports employees that suffer from long-term illness.

Reducing sickness absence

In our experience, a coordinated and cross-professional approach reduces sickness absence periods and helps avoid sickness absence altogether whenever possible - for the benefit of both the employee and the company. Therefore, our Active Claims Handling Department makes a special effort in this area.