Healthy employees are a good investment

Put health on the agenda in cooperation with PFA

In PFA, health and pension are inseparably linked. Therefore, we can help you with a strategic approach to health, sickness prevention and keeping your employees healthy and fit for work.

Our solutions help you address all potential health challenges, and we are with you all the way through. We make professional resources available, have an ongoing dialogue and go through reports and evaluations with you. In addition, we can assist you with the communication to ensure that both the decision-makers and employees feel equipped to take part in the new initiatives.

Our efforts are composed of the following three building blocks

Timely care

Early intervention helps your employees avoid long-term sickness absence.


A holistic approach promotes health

We take a holistic approach, meaning that our advisory services address all potential health challenges.


Addressing health together

We enter into a partnership. Therefore, we have a large, professional team that, in cooperation with you, has focus on boosting your company's state of health.

How healthy is your company?

A good start to a healthier company is a picture of how things are right now. You get that with an online health screening, where all employees answer a questionnaire about diet, exercise, lifestyle etc. The screening is anonymous and only takes 5-10 minutes.

Your benefit from the health screening

The employees immediately get a personal health estimate and are offered advice on how to improve the estimate. In addition, you get an overall company profile of your health challenges as well as recommendations on which initiatives are best suited to your needs.

A targeted health effort

A wide range of factors influence the employees' health, and, therefore, we tailor concepts within the six areas listed below.

Based on your health screening, we put together a package that is relevant to you. Our different health concepts are based on preventive initiatives and processes on the basis of knowledge and data.


Health trends are constantly developing and, therefore, we continuously monitor the trends and stay up-to-date on the newest research. In addition, we work closely together with leading experts to ensure that we are abreast within the various health areas. For example, we have launched the concept Healthy Digital Habits, which focuses on how excessive phone usage affects our mental well-being.

In addition, stress has been a big societal challenge for several years, and, therefore, it is an important focus area in the preventive health initiatives that we offer to our customers today.

Time for Netflix or bed?

Many factors affect the employees’ well-being. One of the most important factors is a good night’s sleep as it directly impacts the level of energy. Knowledge, simple tools and a focused effort can work wonders when it comes to bringing sleep into focus.

The insurance broker company Marsh ran a 10-week programme with focus on sleep and mindfulness, and the percentage of employees with sleeping problems dropped from 43 % to 12 %. In addition, 98 % experienced a positive effect in relation to stress.

Taking the temperature on the state of health

In PFA, we have data from more than 16,000 health screenings of employees in Danish companies. Based on these figures, we are able to assess a company’s average state of health with great statistical probability. Below, you can see the average state of health in the companies that have participated in the analysis.

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