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Put healthy digital habits on the agenda

The concept Healthy Digital Habits focuses on the employees’ smartphone usage. The smartphone is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to stealing presence, attention and concentration. And both at work and at home, because in 4 out of 10 stress-related sickness absence cases, the stress is caused by a combination of the two. Get contacted by your Key Account Manager to learn more about the concept’s initiatives and material, which make it possible to address healthy digital habits at work as well as at home.

16 % of the workforce suffers from stress

A study by the Nationale Forskningscenter i Arbejdsmiljø (the Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment) shows that 16 % of the workforce feels stressed. Stress can of course be caused by a wide range of complex reasons, but more and more point to a connection between stress risk and unhealthy digital habits. We turn the spotlight on these habits as it is important to change bad habits to conscious actions, and to have a healthy relationship with a technological world undergoing constant development.

The mobile kick is addictive

According to our health expert, the IT entrepreneur and medical specialist Imran Rashid, tech companies intentionally develop apps designed to make us addicted in order to ensure that we constantly chase the next reward in the form of a like, an e-mail or another new notification. This gives us a brief feeling of happiness. The problems arise when we keep checking our phone - often without any particular reason. It affects our ability to be present, our concentration and may, at worst, contribute to a stress diagnosis.


Create a healthy digital culture in your company

We bring our smartphone with us to work, in the bedroom and in the bathroom. We use it for directions, finding answers and entertainment. On the face of it, it may be difficult to understand why we should limit our mobile use, but clarification of some common myths may help.

1. It is in the company’s interest that its employees are available 24/7

False. Your employees need to relax when they are not at work and allow their brain to catch a break in order for their brain to perform its best the next day.

2. Smartphones should be banned at work to keep them from disturbing unnecessarily
False. There is no need to ban smartphones. In some situations they are quite necessary. Instead, it is about finding the right balance and actively choosing when to use it.
3. It is okay to read a text message or e-mail on the smartphone during a meeting

False. It is distracting for everyone and shows a lack of respect for the others at the meeting because you are not fully present.

4. Family, school and day care must be able to get in touch in case of illness or accidents

True. This can be done by setting the Do Not Disturb function to allow important numbers to still get through.

5. It is okay to have the phone on the table during meetings as long as the screen faces down
False. As long as the phone is in our sight, it has an enticing effect on us. The best solution is to put it away.

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We have developed a range of initiatives and material that put healthy mobile habits on the agenda.
They are meant to inspire the employees as well as you as a company to work with creating a healthy digital culture.
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