Make employees feel more confident about safety at work

Many of us are looking forward to the reopening of Denmark, but for some employees it can be a big transition suddenly to go back to the workplace. The role of leadership, which in some ways has changed during Covid-19, is crucial, along with the support offered to employees around physical and mental health. 

As a leader or an HR professional you can find inspiration, advice and guidance on this site. Below you’ll find advice and inspiration in the context of the reopening within the following three areas: 


Safety issue for managers and HR representatives

As a manager, it is important for you to create both a good mental and physical framework for your employees. Here you can find inspiration and tools that can help you make it easier for people to return to the workplace.


Promote mental well-being


Free psychological hotline weekdays between

The psychologists at Mindwork are ready to guide your HR professionals, managers and staff representatives, and to help you minimise tension and stress, create a sense of security, and improve well-being and motivation in the midst of the Covid-19 situation.

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Webinar: Back at workNEW
– target audience is HR   

Listen to psychologist Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen’s advice for what you as an HR professional should pay attention to in regards to the reopening of the workplace.

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Webinar: Back at workNEW
– target audience is managers and ER   

Listen to psychologist Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen’s advice for what you as leader, TR or AMR should pay attention to in regards to the reopening of the workplace. 

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Download the presentation here

A reopening is finally on the horizonNEW

New management tasks will appear as the reopening takes place

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The managerial dilemmas involved in the reopeningNEW

- Once the pandemic recedes, we cannot expect office life to return to what it was. However, we can create a new way of working that will keep employees happy and productive.

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Good leadership in a time of Covid-19

Working from home creates new challenges for you as a manager. How can you be both visible and remain engaged with your employees from a distance?

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Get help with termination of employment

In connection with termination of employment, both the employee losing the job and the manager dismissing the employee may need someone to talk to and exchange knowledge and ideas with - PFA has different kinds of advisory hotlines available.

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Termination of employment - how to make it a positive process

A termination of employment is a major event for the employee, your other employees and you as a manager. It is therefore important to ensure an optimal process.

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Promote physical well-being


Are you considering having more people work from home?

For a lot of companies, working from home is here to stay. If you are also considering making this a permanent option for your employees, we have gathered a collection of best practices and recommendations to help you.

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Ensuring that your employees feel safe

Your employees will have different needs in terms of support, sharing knowledge and ideas and general assistance from you. Here you can find some good advice and tools that you can use in your management role to create good, safe frameworks in a new normal.


Promote mental well-being


A reopening is finally on the horizon NEW

For many employees, the idea of returning to work may trouble them. Here you can find some good advice on how to prepare in the best way possible.

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Webinar: Back at workNEW
– target audience is employees

Listen to psychologist Vibeke Lunding-Gregersen’s advice for what one should pay attention to when returning to the workplace. 

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Create clarity and structure when working from home

PFA, in collaboration with Specialist in Family Medicine Imran Rashid, has developed a “Work-from-home kit”, to inspire good working habits, and to help create clarity and structure for anyone working from home.

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Take care of your mental health

It is not surprising that the Covid-19 pandemic affects a lot of us mentally but be mindful that the worrying does not get out of hand. You may want to try strengthening your mental health.

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Webinar: Mental well-being & working from home

January 27th 2021 PFA held a webinar focusing on how to stay motivated and healthy while working from home.

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Promote physical well-being


A great workday at home

Few of us have the same office set-up at home that we are used to at work. That is why you should pay extra attention to incorporating physical movement during your workday.

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Ergonomic aids from Steppie

As a PFA customer, you can get discounts for a number of Steppie products that can help ensure good ergonomics in the home office.

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Create a safe framework at the workplace

Until everyone has been vaccinated, we recommend the following steps be taken to make employees feel safe when the workplace reopens. Many of the recommendations were also relevant to the first reopening, and you can probably remember several of them.


Recommendations to make employees feel safe when the workplace reopens

  1. Good hygiene - use hand sanitisers and maintain proper distancing (follow the recommendations from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority)
  2. Use face masks when outside of your own area/department
  3. Maintain an extra focus on hygiene and distancing in canteens and areas that see a lot of activity
  4. Deploy extra resources for cleaning + if relevant, use HouseTest (PFA partner)
  5. Have guidelines in place for how to manage infections at the workplace (use the recommendations of the Danish Health Authority)
  6. Have common rules for how everyone at work should interact with each other
  7. If employees have been in contact with an infected colleague, we recommend that they take a PCR test either at the company (via PentaBase) or at a public test centre
  8. We do not recommend using antigen tests (quick tests) to test for and trace infections at the workplace unless you are part of certain industries and the data on epidemics suggests a lot of outbreaks - for example, for slaughterhouses, construction sites and prisons (staff).
  9. If antigen tests are used at the workplace, it is important for tests to be carried out minimum once per week and for everyone who test positive to then be sent for a PCR test (cf. the recommendations from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority). There are several providers of antigen tests on the market, including,,, etc.
  10. Support the managers, as their jobs have changed in some ways due to the corona pandemic. You can find inspiration and guides here on the site and by calling our free advice hotline for HR staff and managers
  11. Support your employees in maintaining good physical and mental health. You can find inspiration, advice and guides here on the site.
  12. It is better to communicate too much rather than too little



Covid-19 tests for employees and companies

If your workplace is interested in offering tests for employees or testing the whole company, you can read more below.


Covid-19 testing for employees

With the low numbers of corona cases in Denmark at present, we do not recommend that workplaces test all employees at set intervals unless it is for special industries which the epidemic data says have a lot of outbreaks (for example, slaughterhouses, construction sites or prisons).

As part of ensuring that employees feel safe at the workplace, if there is an outbreak in the workplace, you can offer the relevant employees a PCR test in the workplace or with a supplier.

Read more about PentaBase

Please note that when the ‘corona certificate’ is introduced during the reopening, then tests taken outside of the public testing system will not be registered in the corona app. As a PFA customer, you can get discounts for PCR tests via our partner, PentaBase.

Offering Covid-19 tests can provide employees and the company a sense of security.

PFA recommends PentaBase
PentaBase’s method for detecting SARS-CoV-2 (and thereby Covid-19) is based on purifying and propagating viral RNA followed by detection of two virus-specific RNA sequences. This ensures that the test is sensitive enough and capable of finding mutations in the virus genome. The test, developed by PentaBase in collaboration with Rigshospitalet and Novo Nordisk, is made in Denmark. CoviDetect™ is the most commonly used analysis method for tracing people with Covid-19 in Denmark.

Get a discount with PFA
Below, you can see prices and the special discount for PFA customers. In addition, there is also a 10 % discount on the Covid-19 test itself when using this code: PFA10.

Read more about PentaBase here

Test your company for Covid-19

In order to ensure a clean and virus-free working environment, PFA recommends that the company as a whole be tested for traces of Covid-19. It is simple and reassures the employees working there on a daily basis.

At PFA, we have experience with testing rooms and work surfaces to ensure a safe and virus-free working environment. We have an exclusive partnership agreement with HouseTest, which has developed an analysis method that quickly shows whether there are traces of coronavirus on surfaces.

Read more about HouseTest

Get an answer in 48 hours
With HouseTest, you will be able to see where in your company cleaning or hygiene can be improved. HouseTest carries out spot checks, CoronaSurface TripleTarget™, looking for active substances in the kinds of locations that are touched by many people - for example, doors leading into a building, speed gates, railings, printers, coffee machine panels, canteens and restroom facilities. They also analyse if there is human DNA present. This is not a health risk in itself, but it is an indication of whether the cleaning and hygiene measures are sufficient. You will then receive a report within 48 hours of the test being carried out.

The analysis method uses the so-called RT qPCR technology, where the RNA of the virus (hereditary material) is identified and quantified. This is the method that the WHO recommends. HouseTest uses an improved version of this method, which is more sensitive and specific than a standard RT qPCR test, and this makes it particularly suitable for testing surface areas. It can detect as little as 35 virus parties, which in practice means that HouseTest could detect SARS-CoV-2 on a surface with the addition of 5 microlitres of saliva from an infected person and then diluted 80,000 times.

Effective weapon against the spread of the virus
It has been proven that cleaning and disinfection have a positive impact on reducing the risk of infection and the transfer of Covid-19. The test can therefore help to make your employees feel more confident that they will not be infected and also show in which areas cleaning needs to be optimised.

Get a sample test with HouseTest and informing them that you are a PFA customer.


Antibody tests

PFA has studied the market for antibody tests and looked at Danish and international experts’ (for example, the Danish Health and Medicines Authority and the WHO) attitude towards the current antibody tests. Our research shows that it is possible to find an antibody test which can detect coronavirus antibodies, but researchers do not yet know for certain whether everyone who has them is immune or for how long immunity lasts after being infected with the coronavirus. As a result, antibody tests cannot be used to determine whether an individual employee is still at risk of being infected or if he/she can infect others. PFA therefore does not recommend the use of antibody tests to identify immune employees at this time.

Current knowledge indicates that most people have a certain degree of immunity towards Covid-19 after they recover.

You can read more about antibody tests at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s homepage.

We continue to monitor developments

Researchers around the world are working as fast as they can to learn more about how the virus spreads and to determine if people are still infectious or at risk of being infected once antibodies have formed. We are monitoring the developments and updating our recommendations as changes occur.